2017 The Year of ME!

I have as I have every year chosen not to make New Years resolutions, but this year I have done something I have never done before and made myself a promise! I promised myself that this year I am making it of me! I am going to be selfish and build my dreams that I have in my head and make them happen. Anyone who knows me well knows that I tend to have a big heart and am always trying to help someway somehow, but now it’s time for me to take some me time and better myself (it doesn’t mean though that I won’t be there when needed though).

Something that no one knows is that I suffer from depression, anxiety and self doubt! I put on a great game face though everyday so as no one knows what churns on my insides! 2016 has been a brutal year for me and my struggles with those and that’s one reason why I haven’t done any kind of blogging much other than my Instagram. I won’t get in to the gory details, but I will say that I am pretty sure it’s beaten and bruised me in every which possible way, but somehow I manage to put a smile on my face and make the best I can of everyday.

I decided to tell you all that so you know that if you are like that you are not alone! For all I know we could all be depressed, anxiety filled and full of self doubt? Unless someone comes out and says it we will never know! I also decided to write this so I start 2017 with a clean slate… no more hiding! I promised myself about a month ago to start introducing myself surely but slowly so you all can meet and get to know who I am so I am finishing the year with an honest post about me.

Now to get on with what I have promised myself to work on! I have loads to do and make happen and as I start the new year it will all start to come out. First off though is a promise to blog, vlog and be more active on my social media as you can see I’ve started already. On Instagram I’ve started putting more quotes on it and something you all probably never knew is I read quotes on a daily basis, some mean something and some are more for a laugh so I decided to start sharing the quotes that make me laugh or feel good!

I hope you all enjoy the ride! It’s going to be a different one than what’s been so far! Oh yeah I am going to try and finish every post with a song that I love! Play it if you wish or read in silence but it will be there!

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