5 small romantic things you can do for her on Valentines day

With Valentines day coming quickly (and let’s be honest it will be on us before we know it) here are 5 small things you can do for your girlfriend or wife on Valentines day. These can all include the kids also if you will be spending Valentines with them too. Remember it’s Valentines a day of love and the more personal you make it the better it will be.

  1. Hand write a note to her! It doesn’t matter how long or how short the note is or how good your hand writing is a note written by you will always be a special memento.
  2. Buy a dozen roses and tie a piece of paper on to each rose with things you love about her. To make it a little extra special keep one final rose and present it last with one thing you completely love about her.
  3. Cook her dinner! Buy all the ingredients for a delicious meal, pour 2 glasses of wine and have her in the kitchen while you prepare the meal and talk. Keep the conversation light though as it’s not the time or day to be talking about things that may upset either of you.
  4. Sing a song to her! Find a slow song that you can learn the words too, clear the living room and grab her and slow dance and sing the song to her. It doesn’t matter how well you sing this will definitely be a wonderful memory for her (this could be a perfect accompaniment for that wonderful dinner you made for her).
  5. Make her a card just from you! Pull out the Crayola box and get imaginative. Design your own personal one of a kind Valentines card and write her a love poem or sonnet in it. This will be a forever keepsake and chances are will melt her in to a puddle.

These are the 5 romantic things you can do for your girlfriend or wife on Valentines that I am sure she will live and always remember. The more time you take and the care you put in to Valentines it will show, so plan the day and enjoy it thoroughly with the woman you love.


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