5 things children need to hear their parents say

I have been thinking about this lately and my thought keeps going back to “what we say affects our children”. Of course as a parent I want my words and actions to be building blocks into a healthy, happy adult life for my children. This brought me to thinking what does a child need to hear from their parents? To be completely honest this is just a list of things that I think they need to hear from us, but you can be the judge of what is best for your child.

  1. “I love you!” I think this is one of the most crucial ones for the simple reason that everyone wants to feel love. I say these three little words everyday to my children and not just an “I love you!” because I need to say it. I say it at that moment I truly feel it. Children are as intuitive and maybe more so than adults and can feel true feeling in us.
  2. “How was your day?” and yes this should be every child everyday. This can carry a lot of weight in your relationship with your child. Simply asking this question and listening to them about their day no matter what age is important to them. It shows you care and they get those few minutes of your time just to themselves.
  3. “I’m sorry!” we all make mistakes and if you happen to have made a mistake with your child and it’s something you need to say sorry for them for, say I’m sorry! It can be as simple as yelling at them for being noisy when the reality is they were doing nothing wrong at the moment, but it was you feeling agitated (we have all been there). Saying I’m sorry shows them that you are not perfect and you are human and make mistakes.
  4. “I was wrong!” when you are wrong admit to them you were wrong, really it’s okay to let them know you are not perfect and you can be wrong. I think in fact it allows a stronger relationship with your children, because they know that whatever the circumstances are if you are wrong as a parent you will take responsibility for it and do your best to correct it. It’s okay not to be perfect and always right in your children’s eyes as you are not perfect.
  5. “I am proud of you!” this is so important! This is one I say often, but feel I still need to say it more. I think that children need this affirmation that you are proud of them, but you can’t leave out why you are. It could be as simple as them learning to colour inside the lines, but more so you should be including the things that make them who they are. Things like “I am proud of you because I love the person you have become!” or “I am proud of you because you work so hard at school!”.

These are probably just a few things that your children should hear you say to them, but I think these are so important. We all want the same for our children and I think if we took a bit of time more often than not to say these few things it will make a world of difference to them. After all they are human just like you and I and as adults we still like to hear all of these.


Jessie, FlusteredMom

Lovely post. I agree. Especially with I’m sorry. I think its also important to tell them, “It’s ok that you failed.” Failure happens in life, we just move past it.


I say all of those things all of the time to my boys! When I was a kid, the adults never apologized when they were wrong. As far as they were concerned, they were never wrong, so as a parent, I always make it a point that if I’m wrong, I tell my kids so because it’s important they know I respect them in all things. Kids need to hear the things from us so they don’t feel like they have no right to their own opinions and feelings. That’s my belief anyway:)


Such a good list, definitely things kids need to hear. I love that you included I’m sorry, so many parents expect their children to apologise when they make a mistake but then they don’t apologise to their children if they make a mistake. #manicmonday

Catie: Imperfect Mum

I loved this post. I agree with every part and I tell my kids I love them and that I’m proud of them every day. I strongly believe our kids should see we aren’t perfect and make mistakes too. I will tell my kids sorry if I have done something wrong or been a bit short tempered. I think it is good for them to know that you don’t always have the answers too, that you are learning and growing. I always tell my boys to be kind to people too.


I absolutely love this post! And I totally agree these ares per important. I always admit to my kids when I have been wrong or unfair. There are times I have snapped at my 11 year old and it is simply because I am burnt out, I over react. So I admit it, I go back to her and I say I’m sorry I say I am tired and that I shouldn’t have overreacted, yes what she did was wrong but not worth me yelling. I want to teach them that they too can admit when they get something wrong. Luckily I am a pretty chilled out person or I would be saying sorry too much and having that “parent guilt” . Awesome post #manicmonday

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

Five great things, Rod! I think saying I’m sorry or I was wrong is so important. I always say I love you & how was your day & I’m proud. But it can be hard to say when you are wrong, for parents even tougher I think but it sets such a great example! #ManicMonday


Popping back again from #manicmonday! Thank you so much for joining my linky! I want to add that I wish all parents viewed everything you said here as an important part of raising children. Sadly, there are still many parents out there who can’t even bring themselves to say “I love you”. The long term affects on children, as they become adults, can be detrimental to their well-being and ultimately, to society because they become hateful and bitter towards the world. A child’s emotional well-being is just as important as their physical well-being. Thanks for sharing this!


Good, solid and (more importantly simple) words to live by. No grand gestures just consistent reliable messages to show kindness and humility.


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