A Christmas letter to my Dad

Dear Dad

Last year I wasn’t able to write you a Christmas letter as it was far to hard. It was my first Christmas not having you with me and that made it a very hard Christmas. As I sit here typing away my eye’s are tearing up and I find it hard to breathe. I feel overwhelmed with how much I do miss you especially this time of year.

For me growing up you were always the embodiment of the Christmas spirit and as a child I would wait for you to come home from the mining camps for Christmas to really start. I knew when you came home the Christmas carols would start, the treats mom had baked the month before would slowly start coming out of the freezer and the house would be decorated heavily.


I have many memories of you dad, sitting there in the living room with your guitar strumming away to your favourite carols and singing them. Going shopping for Christmas presents and the malls were filled with decorations, people and carols blasting through the speakers while everyone shopped, but most of all I remember your giving spirit and you didn’t care if you even received one present as the joy for you was to watch us kids open our presents. You would sit there just watching us even to your last Christmas with a stack of your own presents growing around you so you didn’t miss our faces as we opened ours.

Your Christmas spirit didn’t just stop there as I remember many Christmas’s as a kid where complete strangers would spend Christmas day with us. Men you had met while in camp and they had no one to celebrate Christmas with as their families were to far away for them to go back too. Or someone you had met through the year that simply had no family left to spend Christmas day with. You would invite them in to your home and we would welcome them.

I love you so much dad and miss you and I want you to know that your spirit of Christmas has been passed well on to your grandchildren and I hope that spirit is passed on from generation to generation because somehow you made it all the more magical.



Oh Rod this made me well up!:( I can feel how much you miss your dad and the memories you’ve shared above I can picture. You’re so lucky to have so many to cherish. I’m sure he’s looking down at his grandchildren feeling very proud of what his son is passed on πŸ™‚


Such a beautiful post. I’m so sorry that your Dad wasn’t able to share your Christmas this year, but how wonderful that he has given you such meaningful memories and Christmas traditions that you can continue to share with your family.



Hi! Hope you have had a good Christmas. I can completely empathise with this post as I lost Dad 7 years ago this coming January. It was lovely to read that your Dad was so full of Christmas spirit – what lovely memories you will have. Sometimes it’s really therapeutic to write emotional heartfelt posts and to get your feelings out on ‘paper’. #justanotherlinky


Ah lovely post. I’ve been there. 3 years ago I lost my father just before Christmas. Still feels as though something is missing, but it hurts less. Hope you managed to have a good Christmas. #justanotherlinky

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