A New Years letter for MDP

I have been pondering how MDP will live on in the next year and as I sit in the late afternoon hours of 2015 I have decided to put pen to paper (sort of)! In 2016 I will still be the old MDP full of love for my children and writing letters to them as I need to. I will also write a post or two on some type of parenting style weird or not that I have hahaha. I will  continue with everything I have always done.

I will however be more creative and let my personality shine through more. Yes I am a sappy dad and I love to write posts from my heart, but truly I am much more than that dad (man). I have stories to tell and things to say that aren’t necessarily parenting or child related!

Can you imagine that there is more to me than what meets the eye in my blog? Amazing isn’t it?


So how do I plan on bringing more personalty to my blog? Well for one I am definitely going to be doing more vlogging as I do enjoy talking and for the few that would care to listen it might be a nice way to see a different me.

I will broaden my horizons on what content I write. Although I do have the soft side in me I have been told I can be funny once in a while. I am also starting 3 more blogs and websites that will launch in the coming months.


One of those will be a blog my sons asked me to start with them. What a proud dad moment that was when they asked me if we could start a website for the three of us and they have named it Polished Men’s Magazine. They want to do a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine different than the rest as they have a vision and want me to help them make it come to light. I am actually pretty excited about this as it’s not everyday your kids want to work with you on such a massive project so I could not say no.


I also plan on doing a few more collaborations with blogger friends I have made over the last year and making the best out of blogging I possibly can. It is something I enjoy doing immensely and I want to be around for a long time.

It’s time for me to shine and show the world who I am truly. Hopefully people like what they see or my time blogging will be shorter lived than I thought hahaha! See you all in 2016!


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