A New Years letter to my children 2015

As 2015 comes to a close I am reminiscent about all that has happened and how much the three of you have grown. As I sit here writing this I can’t help but remember each one of you as babies and what a journey it’s been.

I am thankful to be the dad of such 3 beautiful children and count my blessings everyday for all the time we get to spend together and the fact that even though you are at an age that most teens want to spend their time out with friends you prefer to spend most of your time with me.

I treasure my time with you as I know that each of you are growing and need to spread your wings and find your way in this world, but I take great comfort in knowing that when the world gets to be too much you find comfort at home.

The last year has been a bit hard I know (I won’t get in to details), but I have a feeling that this year will be a great year for you now that things have settled down and we were able to enjoy Christmas.


Most of all I want to tell you three that I am proud of you and all the accomplishments you had this last year. You three are what makes me wake up early every morning and drives me to be a better person and a better parent as I know that as you evolve I have to also.

Someday you will understand the depth of my love for you three! It may take you until you have children of your own, but one day you will understand all the emotions and strength that you give me.

As we start 2016 I promise to never stop wanting the best for you three. I promise to keep working on myself not only as a person, but as your dad. I promise to always be there for you. I promise I will never give up on any of you (even though sometimes I may feel like throwing my hands up, wave the white flag and surrender). Most of all I promise to never stop loving you!

Happy New Year and I wish you all the very best for 2016 (Let’s make this the best year yet)

Love, Dad



Oh Rod I love this! They want to spend more time with you than friends because you’re such an amazing daddy! I honestly admire the beautiful relationship you have with your children. God bless and you and you’re beautiful family!!

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