A New Years letter to Ryley

This is the first morning of 2016 and I thought I would write you a letter. Being the eldest of the three of you I cannot believe in a short time you will be seventeen! What a journey we have had so far! I won’t get in to reminiscing of your childhood in this letter, but all the milestones that will happen this year for you.

Sometimes I look at you in amazement at what a wonderful young man you have become. even though there are times that we probably want to strangle each other as you struggle between still being a kid and growing up (which so you know is a struggle for us both as it’s hard for me as a dad to let you leave your childhood behind, I do however understand that you becoming an adult is inevitable).

You have become a caring, loving, responsible and understanding young man (not all the time, but most of the time and that’s good enough for me). You have a big heart and a zest for life. I see you doing big things with your life.

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Soon you will be turning 17 and that in itself is a huge milestone (yay you made another year without hurting yourself to badly or killing yourself) as you can be a bit accident prone at times. As you turn 17 this year that means you can now get your drivers license (hopefully after you get your license I can say “yay” again next year as I did above).

This year we will see you move in to your final year of high school (grade 12) and soon we will be preparing your University applications (as I wrote that I had to take a deep breath) I cannot believe you are almost there. Where did the last 17 years go? Weren’t you just a baby in my arms yesterday?

These three milestones happening to you this year will be enough for me for sure. I am still having a hard time letting go. I will say though I am still so happy that you haven’t outgrown  saying “love you dad” or outgrown giving me a hug or outgrown talking to me when you need to talk to someone and I hope you never do outgrow these as I will always be here for any of them.

It’s going to be an amazing, crazy year for us Ryley! As we slip in to the new year I want you to always remember I love you and will always be here for you and whatever you need i will do my best to help you! Happy New Year son

Love always, Dad


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