A New Years letter to Olivia

It’s the first day of 2016 and I wanted to write you a letter so one day you will have this to read and know what I was thinking on this day. This is going to be a bit of a crazy year for you. First your going to turn the big six (wow My little baby is growing so quick). You will finish your first year of school and start grade one in the fall.

As I write this post you are sitting next to me drawing away and I can’t help but to look at you and to feel a bit sad that you are growing so quickly. I miss all the time I had with you before you started kindergarten as you were my sidekick even on a grocery shop and we had a lot of fun and laughs together.


I can tell you though when we have time together I absolutely treasure it. You are your own person for sure and you beat to your own drum. The things you say and the things you do sometimes leave me laughing so much. I love your personality (honestly though you talk aaaaaallllllll the time and a moment of silence here and there would be welcomed) it’s bright, cheery and full of smiles.

I still love how much you need me though, sometimes you still need a good lap cuddle with me and a bit of rough housing. You are always telling me how much you love me. and that laugh and smile you give me when we are goofing around is priceless. I love you Olivia and I wouldn’t change anything of you! You bring so much joy to my life and every morning I wake up I can’t wait to see you. Never ever change and always stay a daddy’s girl. Happy New Year Olivia

Love you, Dad

A New Years letter to Logen

It’s the first day of 2016 and I am writing New Years letters to you, Ryley and Olivia. In less than a month you will be 15. Time has flown by in what seems like minutes. It does not seem that many years since I held you in my arms for the very first time.

I want you to enjoy 2016 with the freedom that comes with turning 15. As you finish grade nine this year (your last free year of school as in the fall when you start grade 10 all your grades start to count toward your final GPA at the end of grade 12 and will determine the start of your University career). Take your time make sure you keep your grades up, but enjoy your friends and your extracurricular activities.


This year we are also going to be starting our blog up on men’s fashion and lifestyle and I have this feeling you are going to get in to it and be a real driving force in it as you love to be creative. You have a passion for photography (which indecently will come in very handy with the blog). You have a passion for music and really any visual arts. I can’t wait to start working with you on the blog and seeing what you can do.

As I watch you grow Logen I am completely amazed at what a fine young man you have become. There are things about you that probably a lot of people may miss, but you are a kind, loving and giving young man and you always have time for everyone almost to a fault at times (I hate to say that as I hope you never lose that side of you).

I want you to know I do notice all the parts of who you are (even though sometimes it might not seem I do). I love how you can still at 15 come and sit next to me on the sofa and let me cuddle you. I love how you can just walk up to me and say “love you dad”. I love how you still need a hug from me now and then. I want you know that I love you so much and I will always be here for you. There aren’t many people like you on this big blue ball we live on, so please don’t ever change. Happy New Year Logen!

Love you, Dad


A New Years letter to Ryley

This is the first morning of 2016 and I thought I would write you a letter. Being the eldest of the three of you I cannot believe in a short time you will be seventeen! What a journey we have had so far! I won’t get in to reminiscing of your childhood in this letter, but all the milestones that will happen this year for you.

Sometimes I look at you in amazement at what a wonderful young man you have become. even though there are times that we probably want to strangle each other as you struggle between still being a kid and growing up (which so you know is a struggle for us both as it’s hard for me as a dad to let you leave your childhood behind, I do however understand that you becoming an adult is inevitable).

You have become a caring, loving, responsible and understanding young man (not all the time, but most of the time and that’s good enough for me). You have a big heart and a zest for life. I see you doing big things with your life.

spring 2012 147

Soon you will be turning 17 and that in itself is a huge milestone (yay you made another year without hurting yourself to badly or killing yourself) as you can be a bit accident prone at times. As you turn 17 this year that means you can now get your drivers license (hopefully after you get your license I can say “yay” again next year as I did above).

This year we will see you move in to your final year of high school (grade 12) and soon we will be preparing your University applications (as I wrote that I had to take a deep breath) I cannot believe you are almost there. Where did the last 17 years go? Weren’t you just a baby in my arms yesterday?

These three milestones happening to you this year will be enough for me for sure. I am still having a hard time letting go. I will say though I am still so happy that you haven’t outgrown  saying “love you dad” or outgrown giving me a hug or outgrown talking to me when you need to talk to someone and I hope you never do outgrow these as I will always be here for any of them.

It’s going to be an amazing, crazy year for us Ryley! As we slip in to the new year I want you to always remember I love you and will always be here for you and whatever you need i will do my best to help you! Happy New Year son

Love always, Dad


A letter to (blogger) friends

As I woke up this morning and wanting to write a new post I thought I would write a letter to some (blogger) friends showing my appreciation for their support over the last months while I took my hiatus from blogging.

If you haven’t noticed I put (blogger) in parentheses and that’s just so you all know they do hail from the blogging world. To me they are simply just friends as they have been in the background checking up on me frequently and encouraging me to come back to blogging. These (blogger) friends are an amazing bunch.

Prabs of Absolutely Prabulous – Thank you for being there and encouraging me to make whatever decision to blog or not to blog. Or just listening to me rant lol

Harps of Baby Brain Memoirs and Baby Brain Apparel – Thank you for just being there and encouraging me simply by telling me that I would be missed in blogging and to just take my time and comeback when I was ready.

Laura of Life With Baby Kicks – Thank you for being there and simply telling me to just write when it feels right and to not bother until then and just checking in on me with a friendly “hello”.

Trista of Domesticated Momster – Thank you for being there and I remember you saying to me in only the way you would put it to me “write because you want to write other than that f**k it”.

John of Dad Blog UK – Thank you for being there and asking once in a while if I was going to blog again? Also telling me that I would be missed.

Becky of Cuddle Fairy – Thank you for being there and encouraging me to come back when I was well ready to write again and to keep me feeling in the loop of the blogging world by tagging me in posts.

Emma of The Joy Of Five – Thank you for being there and worried enough about me to message me to see how I was doing while on my blogging break and encouraging me to come back to blogging.

Martyn of Inside Martyns Thoughts – Thank you for being there and having some of those long winded conversations with me about blogging.

Natasha of Mama Duck Quacks – Thank you for being there and checking in on me and making sure I was alright and encouraging me to come back to blogging when I was ready.

Debra of Random Musings – Thank for being there and taking the time to see how I was doing and asking if I was going to blog again? Your words of encouragement to go back to blogging were well received.


These are (blogger) friends that have simply just become friends I appreciate them all for caring and taking the time out of their busy lives to check in on me and make sure I was doing ok and still alive. Without these friends I am sure that my blog would have just died a slow death until one day it disappeared and MDP would be no longer. To you all I want to say thank you for being there and not letting me disappear in oblivion and encouraging me to continue blogging. Happy New Years to you all!

A New Years letter for MDP

I have been pondering how MDP will live on in the next year and as I sit in the late afternoon hours of 2015 I have decided to put pen to paper (sort of)! In 2016 I will still be the old MDP full of love for my children and writing letters to them as I need to. I will also write a post or two on some type of parenting style weird or not that I have hahaha. I will  continue with everything I have always done.

I will however be more creative and let my personality shine through more. Yes I am a sappy dad and I love to write posts from my heart, but truly I am much more than that dad (man). I have stories to tell and things to say that aren’t necessarily parenting or child related!

Can you imagine that there is more to me than what meets the eye in my blog? Amazing isn’t it?


So how do I plan on bringing more personalty to my blog? Well for one I am definitely going to be doing more vlogging as I do enjoy talking and for the few that would care to listen it might be a nice way to see a different me.

I will broaden my horizons on what content I write. Although I do have the soft side in me I have been told I can be funny once in a while. I am also starting 3 more blogs and websites that will launch in the coming months.


One of those will be a blog my sons asked me to start with them. What a proud dad moment that was when they asked me if we could start a website for the three of us and they have named it Polished Men’s Magazine. They want to do a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine different than the rest as they have a vision and want me to help them make it come to light. I am actually pretty excited about this as it’s not everyday your kids want to work with you on such a massive project so I could not say no.


I also plan on doing a few more collaborations with blogger friends I have made over the last year and making the best out of blogging I possibly can. It is something I enjoy doing immensely and I want to be around for a long time.

It’s time for me to shine and show the world who I am truly. Hopefully people like what they see or my time blogging will be shorter lived than I thought hahaha! See you all in 2016!


As my eyes meet the night sky (Poem)

As my eyes meet the night sky

They see the moon so bright

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish you knew what you mean to me

As my eyes meet the night sky

I see a million stars twinkling like your eyes

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish I could reach out and give you a dozen

As my eyes meet the night sky

I know where my heart is and whom it beats for

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish you really knew my feelings for you

As my eyes meet the night sky

They close and I see you

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish to dance on the moon with you


A New Years letter to my children 2015

As 2015 comes to a close I am reminiscent about all that has happened and how much the three of you have grown. As I sit here writing this I can’t help but remember each one of you as babies and what a journey it’s been.

I am thankful to be the dad of such 3 beautiful children and count my blessings everyday for all the time we get to spend together and the fact that even though you are at an age that most teens want to spend their time out with friends you prefer to spend most of your time with me.

I treasure my time with you as I know that each of you are growing and need to spread your wings and find your way in this world, but I take great comfort in knowing that when the world gets to be too much you find comfort at home.

The last year has been a bit hard I know (I won’t get in to details), but I have a feeling that this year will be a great year for you now that things have settled down and we were able to enjoy Christmas.


Most of all I want to tell you three that I am proud of you and all the accomplishments you had this last year. You three are what makes me wake up early every morning and drives me to be a better person and a better parent as I know that as you evolve I have to also.

Someday you will understand the depth of my love for you three! It may take you until you have children of your own, but one day you will understand all the emotions and strength that you give me.

As we start 2016 I promise to never stop wanting the best for you three. I promise to keep working on myself not only as a person, but as your dad. I promise to always be there for you. I promise I will never give up on any of you (even though sometimes I may feel like throwing my hands up, wave the white flag and surrender). Most of all I promise to never stop loving you!

Happy New Year and I wish you all the very best for 2016 (Let’s make this the best year yet)

Love, Dad


A look back on 2015

I know that this is not an upbeat way to start a post that most people would think a blogger would write, but it’s the truth and it’s how I feel.

This last year has been an emotional roller coaster for me. To be completely honest 2015 for the most part has been a “shit” year. Although there have been some moments to remember and cherished memories as any year would have. For the most part it has left me shattered and broken and I am left now to try and pick the pieces up and glue myself back together.

I will say though that 2015 besides the emotional part it wasn’t all bad as it had given me a few opportunities and success’s in blogging and it also gave me a few good friendships.

new_year_new_2015_hd  As 2015 comes to a close I am handing my life off to fate and let come what comes! From the people that fate puts in front of me to all the opportunities that fate tosses my way. This year I will not make any resolutions nor wishes as the new year starts and leave it to fate to give me what it gives me. I trusted fate before and what it gave me was amazing!

Really what better way to start a year than just letting things happen and unfold each day? Taking the best out of each day and saying “f**k it” to the rest (or as some of my Brit friends have said “sod it”)! So this year it’s about observation for me and knowing when fate is giving me something. I will write about it at the end of 2016 and let you know how it works out for me.

Hopefully I am not such a mess at the end of 2016! lol

A Christmas letter to my Dad

Dear Dad

Last year I wasn’t able to write you a Christmas letter as it was far to hard. It was my first Christmas not having you with me and that made it a very hard Christmas. As I sit here typing away my eye’s are tearing up and I find it hard to breathe. I feel overwhelmed with how much I do miss you especially this time of year.

For me growing up you were always the embodiment of the Christmas spirit and as a child I would wait for you to come home from the mining camps for Christmas to really start. I knew when you came home the Christmas carols would start, the treats mom had baked the month before would slowly start coming out of the freezer and the house would be decorated heavily.


I have many memories of you dad, sitting there in the living room with your guitar strumming away to your favourite carols and singing them. Going shopping for Christmas presents and the malls were filled with decorations, people and carols blasting through the speakers while everyone shopped, but most of all I remember your giving spirit and you didn’t care if you even received one present as the joy for you was to watch us kids open our presents. You would sit there just watching us even to your last Christmas with a stack of your own presents growing around you so you didn’t miss our faces as we opened ours.

Your Christmas spirit didn’t just stop there as I remember many Christmas’s as a kid where complete strangers would spend Christmas day with us. Men you had met while in camp and they had no one to celebrate Christmas with as their families were to far away for them to go back too. Or someone you had met through the year that simply had no family left to spend Christmas day with. You would invite them in to your home and we would welcome them.

I love you so much dad and miss you and I want you to know that your spirit of Christmas has been passed well on to your grandchildren and I hope that spirit is passed on from generation to generation because somehow you made it all the more magical.


Baby Brain Apparel

A good friend and fellow blogger Harps of Baby Brain Memoirs has opened her first venture in too hand designed toddler tee’s with her new brand Baby Brain Apparel. Her inspiration has come from her little one Arjun who I am sure most of us bloggers are familiar with.


I was one of the first ones to know of Harps (I think I was anyways lol) venture in to Tee’s for babies and toddlers and encouraged her to go for it.


When Harps had sent me some of the designs she had come up with I thought they looked fantastic. My favourite is Food Thief as it has cookies which that would be Olivia for me.


Another that has become a favourite of mine is the Christmas Sprout Dunk tee. It’s a cute take on a vegetable that I uhmmm don’t particularly enjoy! I would much rather use it to shoot hoops with than eat!

Harps has also recently added a line of handmade leggings (literally… she makes them personally for every order) to accompany the tee’s and it seems she likes the cheeky monkey look to go with her tee’s the most (I imagine because Arjun is a bit of a cheeky monkey himself lol)


So if you are looking for something new or different for your baby or toddler to wear head over to Baby Brain Apparel and have a look, you may find something different and fun to dress your toddler in.