Baby Brain Apparel

A good friend and fellow blogger Harps of Baby Brain Memoirs has opened her first venture in too hand designed toddler tee’s with her new brand Baby Brain Apparel. Her inspiration has come from her little one Arjun who I am sure most of us bloggers are familiar with.


I was one of the first ones to know of Harps (I think I was anyways lol) venture in to Tee’s for babies and toddlers and encouraged her to go for it.


When Harps had sent me some of the designs she had come up with I thought they looked fantastic. My favourite is Food Thief as it has cookies which that would be Olivia for me.


Another that has become a favourite of mine is the Christmas Sprout Dunk tee. It’s a cute take on a vegetable that I uhmmm don’t particularly enjoy! I would much rather use it to shoot hoops with than eat!

Harps has also recently added a line of handmade leggings (literally… she makes them personally for every order) to accompany the tee’s and it seems she likes the cheeky monkey look to go with her tee’s the most (I imagine because Arjun is a bit of a cheeky monkey himself lol)


So if you are looking for something new or different for your baby or toddler to wear head over to Baby Brain Apparel and have a look, you may find something different and fun to dress your toddler in.


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