Beef Teriyaki Rolls

I had learned how to make sushi at home as Ryley is allergic to shellfish and we could not take him to a sushi restaurant to eat and he one day asked if he could try it. First step was to learn how to roll it (thank god for the many tutorials on YouTube that show you how. Next step was learning what he liked in sushi and with him being a bit of a picky eater this is what I came up with and what he likes in his sushi.


Cook 2 cups of sushi rice according to instructions on package and remove from pot in to larger dish. drizzle over 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar and fluff the rice in the dish and mix the rice with vinegar and let cool.


Marinate beef rouladen steaks in teriyaki and fry the meat till cooked through and julienne 1/2 a cucumber and an avocado


After rice has cooled get out your bamboo rolling mat and saran wrap to fit. Slather rice over saran wrap to make a thin layer and add you Norri on top and then add the thinly sliced beef, cucumber and avocado.


Roll it up and then slice in to pieces (I like to cut them about 1/2 inch pieces so it’s easy for Olivia to eat)


Put sushi on plate and serve with pickled ginger, wasabi and low sodium soy sauce and enjoy.


Once you get the hang of it you can make 10 rolls in about 25 minutes.

Mother Mands

I made sushi once and loved it, but the other half hates it 🙁 I’m wondering if I can tempt him with your beef version, looks great!
If not I may just do some for myself anyway, he’ll have to make his own food! 😉


I’m so impressed you made these and they look amazing! All the kids love sushi rolls so I might get them to make these!

Kirsten Toyne

This looks great. We have a device that cubes up rice and any bits you want in it. My boys love it and spend ages at the table making cubes of rice with various ingredients inside.

Silly Mummy

I’m not big on sushi, but I don’t mind the beef or veggie ones (I don’t eat fish sushi). These look nice though. Never tried to make sushi, however! #wineandboobs


The boys love rice but not beef. I’ll have to see if I can make this with chicken. The great thing about cooking is that anything goes.

Thanks for sharing #wineandboobs

Random Musings

I’ve never tried sushi the thought of what it is puts me off. I think I would be ok with this though. Cooked beef sounds much more appetizing than raw fish! Thanks for hosting #wineandboobs

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