Best advice my dad ever gave me

This is last minute, but I thought of this just this morning! I would love you too comment in the comment box with the best advice your dad ever gave you and after fathers day I will do a post up with all your dads advice in forms of quotes and who submitted the comment. It will be like a memorial wall of great dad advice. 🙂

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My dads best piece of advice “people don’t know what they are talking about! Only you know what’s best for you!”

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Laura @Life with Baby Kicks

My dad had so many words of wisdom not all were particularly politically correct….

If someone hits you, hit them back harder being one.

But my favourite was his advice to always stand up for those that need help, be an advocate for the underdog.

Dirty Nappy

When I asked my dad if I should study Maths at university he said ‘do something that will interest you’ I did linguistics. No career ever came out of it but it was fun!

Best thing my dad said to my husband: ‘do you know what you’re getting yourself in for’ when he asked him if it was ok to marry me! He later apologised to me but told me ‘be kind to him he’s a good man’ – I don’t know who he thinks I am it was good advice!

Good luck in turning that into a snappy quote sorry!

Kat | Beau Twins

Not sure if you should use this one but my dad has always told me this: “never believe what you read and only half believe what you see”. Also… “Nowt queerer than folk”. Also… “There’s only one man on this planet you can REALLY trust and that’s me”


I can have a bit of a temper (when provoked ;)) his advice has always been “a match stick burns itself before it burns anyone else” – so true. Basically “calm the heck down” lol x

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

My dad taught me to save money – which I try to do but aren’t always successful, especially with three kids to buy for 🙂

All about a Mummy

The best piece of advice my Dad gave me growing up was ‘Don’t buy it if you can’t afford it – Never use credit cards and don’t borrow money’ (with a mortgage being the exception to this rule). I listened to Dad and apart from our mortgage we don’t owe a penny. Best financial advice I’ll ever receive!

Laura's Lovely Blog

I am trying to think of the best advice my Dad has given me he is very no nonsense! When I was preparing for my exams he said to me fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Always stood me in good stead 🙂

Madeline @ This Glorious Life

I spoke to my Dad before taking voluntary redundancy from my office job last year, wanting to know his opinion. He simply said “Does that job make you happy? No? Then don’t do it!”. Best thing he could possibly have said to me, it made my decision very easy.


My dad had two great lines. Lines I got all the damn time. Hit your arm? “Don’t do that.” Someone broke your heart? “Don’t do that.”

And the ever inspiring, “Don’t eat the yellow snow.”

My dad isn’t a serious man, but these are great life lessons.

ApparentlyAwkward (@AwkwardParent)

My dad has given plenty of good advice but what first popped into my head was my grandfather’s big booming voice “Go outside if you want to do that!” whenever we were getting too rough inside. I have found myself shouting the same thing at my husband and the dog when they start running around like crazy fools. It’s not really advice but I just love the saying, it always brings back the best memories!

alan herbert

My Dad wasn’t one for deep meaningful conversations. I do remember scraping my knee one day out playing. I ran in the house crying, showed him my knee and told him what had happened. “Don’t do that, it hurts” he said.


“If you worry you die, if you don’t worry you still die. So why bother?”
He still says it to this day and I’ve adopted it as my own too!


About a month ago he told me to join the AA because he is is getting fed up of me calling him to change my tires haha! I took his advice, my car hasn’t had any problems since! thanks dad 🙂 Also when I was umming and arring about becoming a Special Constable he gave me the push I needed by telling me “in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take” I went or it and I am glad I did. Thanks for linking with #snotallaboutyou

Coombe Mill

Ah so many! There was the classic that I hate “do as I say not as I do” then the gutsy “get there honestly if you can, but get there anyway!” for anything I wanted to achieve in life. I like to think I’ve stuck by the honest route so far!


Best advice my dad gave me was. If you want be great Hang around great people, if you want to be lazy hang around lazy people. You control your destiny. No one else.


Always look after your Mum, she’s your best friend and always has your back!

Bless him, he absolutely doted on my Mother! 🙂


‘Cross that bridge when you come to it.’ That has been a phrase he’s always said to me if i’ve started worrying about the what ifs & the future.



My dad’s a fan of advice – most of it good, I’ll now admit! His money advice comes to mind. Don’t buy a daily Starbucks/Pret coffee – it will save you hundreds in a year. And choose how to spend your money yourself – as long as you’ve thought about it it’s ok to splash out. Love you, Dd!


1. Take regular exercise
2. Don’t ever let anyone get in your head
3. Don’t eat sh*t (as in rubbish food not literally sh*t – although that should probably class as advice!)
– simple, but all good!


After a stressful moment when my wife was catching up on some much needed sleep: ‘Parenting wasn’t meant to be done alone.’ A big shout out to all the parents out there having to be mummy and daddy at the same time- respect!


So much advice from Dad but one of his favourite infuriating things to say was was “Just because you can doesn’t always mean you must, but if you must then you always can”


When deciding what to do with my life…
“Always have a job that you want to get out of bed for in the mornings”
When I told him I was expecting my first baby…
“Do all your home improvements before the baby comes, once the baby is here you won’t have the time or the money”
And the only other bit of advice he has always held firm…
“Never do an Ouija board”

Jessie, FlusteredMom

My dad gives me so much advice. He’s always there when I need him. I have two that stick out in my memory most intensely.

“If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” My dad excels at everything he does. He researches first and then does. He never half-asses anything.

The second piece of advice was when I was walking towards the isle at my wedding to my EX-husband. He said, “Are you sure you want to do this? We can turn around and walk away right now and not care about what anyone else thinks.” hmmm…maybe I should have followed that one? lol


I know I remember commenting here. I wonder if it got lost in translation! lol The best advice my dad has ever given me is to save and invest money but also to live it up sometimes. Not to be so serious all the time and have fun with my life. He also has said to me that sometimes you have to let go of the past including those friends who don’t want to venture with you through the future. I am my dad’s only child and he had never wanted to be a grandpa…but now that I have given him no choice of that matter he has turned into quite the grandpa and these kids are the apple of his eye. I got the joy of getting to spend the weekend with my dad and I loved every minute of it.

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