Breakfast Burrito

I love making this for a Saturday breakfast! It’s fairly quick and easy!

IMG_2375First I slice potatoes and fry them till golden brown.

IMG_2384While the potatoes are frying I chop bacon and get it in to the frying pan and fry till crisp.

IMG_2377I chop green pepper, mushrooms and spring onions while waiting for the potatoes and bacon.

IMG_2391I whip 6 eggs and add the potatoes, bacon, spring onion, green pepper, and mushroom.

IMG_2393Serve with sour cream and salsa.

It’s a great way to start a Saturday morning 🙂

Mother Mands

Yep, I could eat this anytime of the day 😀 I think I’ll do this at the weekend as a little treat for us, so much more exciting than out usual bacon butty! 😉



Looks absolutely fab! I’m going to try this for sure! Hello weekend. #foodpornthursdays


It looks like the ideal thing to have for Brunch over the weekend, Thanks for sharing #foodpornthursdays

Angela Milnes

This looks tasty! May have to give it a go one day! Never tried burritos for breakfast- now I have a new idea!


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