Want to know how I got my kids to do chores?

I had been struggling recently with getting my kids to do their chores. I tried everything from being calm and asking (repeatedly) to get things done to trying to run chores like a boot camp and in the end we would all end up frustrated and irritated with each other. Of course the more time that went by me feeling exhausted and finding it easier to just get it done myself I found I was getting a bit sour doing most of them myself. So I started thinking about how I could turn things around?

I then remembered about an account I have followed for a very long time on Instagram called Homey app and off I went to research deeper in to their app as I had to do something? I downloaded it from iTunes and started to play around with it and found it might work! I set up my account and added the kids to it and started use the app.

What I love about Homey app is the simplicity. It’s easy to set up and easy to use once you wrap your head around it’s many features. You can set chores for your kids by taking a simple snapshot so it works for younger kids as well. Everyone gets notifications when their chores are due and when your children complete their chores they simply take a photo, so you know what got done. Every chore is worth a determined by you amount of coins and points. When your children complete enough chores they can claim one of the rewards set by you such as an allowance, screen time or anything else that you choose.

So if your looking for a way to get your children to do their chores I would highly recommend you download it and have a serious look at Homey app as I love it and it works for us. To get started download the app on Apple app store or Google play.

5 small romantic things you can do for her on Valentines day

With Valentines day coming quickly (and let’s be honest it will be on us before we know it) here are 5 small things you can do for your girlfriend or wife on Valentines day. These can all include the kids also if you will be spending Valentines with them too. Remember it’s Valentines a day of love and the more personal you make it the better it will be.

  1. Hand write a note to her! It doesn’t matter how long or how short the note is or how good your hand writing is a note written by you will always be a special memento.
  2. Buy a dozen roses and tie a piece of paper on to each rose with things you love about her. To make it a little extra special keep one final rose and present it last with one thing you completely love about her.
  3. Cook her dinner! Buy all the ingredients for a delicious meal, pour 2 glasses of wine and have her in the kitchen while you prepare the meal and talk. Keep the conversation light though as it’s not the time or day to be talking about things that may upset either of you.
  4. Sing a song to her! Find a slow song that you can learn the words too, clear the living room and grab her and slow dance and sing the song to her. It doesn’t matter how well you sing this will definitely be a wonderful memory for her (this could be a perfect accompaniment for that wonderful dinner you made for her).
  5. Make her a card just from you! Pull out the Crayola box and get imaginative. Design your own personal one of a kind Valentines card and write her a love poem or sonnet in it. This will be a forever keepsake and chances are will melt her in to a puddle.

These are the 5 romantic things you can do for your girlfriend or wife on Valentines that I am sure she will live and always remember. The more time you take and the care you put in to Valentines it will show, so plan the day and enjoy it thoroughly with the woman you love.


A New Years letter for MDP

I have been pondering how MDP will live on in the next year and as I sit in the late afternoon hours of 2015 I have decided to put pen to paper (sort of)! In 2016 I will still be the old MDP full of love for my children and writing letters to them as I need to. I will also write a post or two on some type of parenting style weird or not that I have hahaha. I will  continue with everything I have always done.

I will however be more creative and let my personality shine through more. Yes I am a sappy dad and I love to write posts from my heart, but truly I am much more than that dad (man). I have stories to tell and things to say that aren’t necessarily parenting or child related!

Can you imagine that there is more to me than what meets the eye in my blog? Amazing isn’t it?


So how do I plan on bringing more personalty to my blog? Well for one I am definitely going to be doing more vlogging as I do enjoy talking and for the few that would care to listen it might be a nice way to see a different me.

I will broaden my horizons on what content I write. Although I do have the soft side in me I have been told I can be funny once in a while. I am also starting 3 more blogs and websites that will launch in the coming months.


One of those will be a blog my sons asked me to start with them. What a proud dad moment that was when they asked me if we could start a website for the three of us and they have named it Polished Men’s Magazine. They want to do a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine different than the rest as they have a vision and want me to help them make it come to light. I am actually pretty excited about this as it’s not everyday your kids want to work with you on such a massive project so I could not say no.


I also plan on doing a few more collaborations with blogger friends I have made over the last year and making the best out of blogging I possibly can. It is something I enjoy doing immensely and I want to be around for a long time.

It’s time for me to shine and show the world who I am truly. Hopefully people like what they see or my time blogging will be shorter lived than I thought hahaha! See you all in 2016!


As my eyes meet the night sky (Poem)

As my eyes meet the night sky

They see the moon so bright

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish you knew what you mean to me

As my eyes meet the night sky

I see a million stars twinkling like your eyes

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish I could reach out and give you a dozen

As my eyes meet the night sky

I know where my heart is and whom it beats for

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish you really knew my feelings for you

As my eyes meet the night sky

They close and I see you

I am reminded of how much I love you

How much I wish to dance on the moon with you


Baby Brain Apparel

A good friend and fellow blogger Harps of Baby Brain Memoirs has opened her first venture in too hand designed toddler tee’s with her new brand Baby Brain Apparel. Her inspiration has come from her little one Arjun who I am sure most of us bloggers are familiar with.


I was one of the first ones to know of Harps (I think I was anyways lol) venture in to Tee’s for babies and toddlers and encouraged her to go for it.


When Harps had sent me some of the designs she had come up with I thought they looked fantastic. My favourite is Food Thief as it has cookies which that would be Olivia for me.


Another that has become a favourite of mine is the Christmas Sprout Dunk tee. It’s a cute take on a vegetable that I uhmmm don’t particularly enjoy! I would much rather use it to shoot hoops with than eat!

Harps has also recently added a line of handmade leggings (literally… she makes them personally for every order) to accompany the tee’s and it seems she likes the cheeky monkey look to go with her tee’s the most (I imagine because Arjun is a bit of a cheeky monkey himself lol)


So if you are looking for something new or different for your baby or toddler to wear head over to Baby Brain Apparel and have a look, you may find something different and fun to dress your toddler in.


Moving to England

So fellow bloggers I have decided that a change is needed and have decided to move abroad. I have decided on England. At this point I am not sure for how long, but at least a year and when will be determined when the papers are processed.

I am sure that a lot of you may be asking yourself why England? Well England has a special place in my heart and I seem to live with one foot halfway there anyways. I have heard so much about England and need to see and experience life there. Of course I also want to be able to meet all my blogging friends as well.


There are a lot of things needed to be done before we run off for an adventure of a life time, so I am asking for the help of all the bloggers that follow me in England. I have to start looking for a rough area to live. As most of you know I have two teen boys (Ryley 16 and Logen 14) and Olivia who’s 5. I have to thing of schooling and activities for them all.

So I need some help from from my fellow bloggers! I am looking at the map of England, but obviously I have no clue about where too live? I want a nice central point where we can travel fairly easy throughout the country. Somewhere where the schooling is good and there are things to do keeping in mind I have teens and a young one?

So where in England would be a great place for us to live?

Always and Forever (Poem)


From the moment we met

I knew you were the one

I was already lost in love

You stole my heart that day

Your brown eyes so beautiful

your smile so bright

The way your face lit at my smile

The sound of your voice

As it sang through my head

I wouldn’t change anything

from that moment in time

it was perfect

I knew then and I know now

This love is always and forever

 Love you babe

Handbags and Snot Rags


div align=”center”>Domestic Momster

I am the Mum who… I meant Dad not Mum dammit!

I have been tagged by Laura at Life with Baby Kicks with the latest I am the mum dad who… should be interesting coming from a dad I think?

I am the mum dad who….

  • Will always love you (know that for sure).
  • Who sometimes doubts his parenting skills (can’t get it right 100% of the time can you?)
  • Who looks at you in amazement with all you have learned in life.
  • Who has laughed with you Ryley when you went to Google your symptoms and it came back you were dying (Google is not for everything lol).
  • Who loves to go for walks with you.
  • Who will always be there when you need a hug.
  • Who will show you how to fix things.
  • Who loves to sit and have a chat where we are all laughing.
  • Who still to this day needs to remind himself what it’s like growing up and have patience with you.
  • Who tries to be a good roll model.
  • Who loves to sing even if it sounds horrid.
  • Who feels younger than I did years ago.
  • Who no matter what I will always be your mum shit I meant DAD and there is nothing I won’t do for the three of you.

Modern dad

Handbags and Snot Rags