Babblingon’s Beauty Secrets

Shanel (Babblingon) and I met about two years ago when I first started blogging. Over the last two years I have watched her grow her brand quickly as a beauty blogger and soon to be salon owner. In this interview I hit her with questions to find out about her beauty secrets and some of her favourite makeup brands. I hope you enjoy! For more of Babblingon’s beauty secrets make sure to follower her on her blog Babbling On Beauty, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter


1. Lipstick, Gloss, Lip Stain, Balm, or Lip Liner? I am a fan of Matte lips so anything that gives that effect I love.
2. How do you make your Lipstick / Lip Gloss last longer? I use a Lush lip scrub, use a lip liner and then apply a lipstick/gloss on top.
3. How do you pick a Lip Color that looks good on my skin color? I think Nude colours suits most people.
4. What are some cheap ways to take care of chapped lips? Use a dry toothbrush to scrub lips and apply Vaseline.
5. Favorite drugstore lip product? This is hard one I have so many, off the top of my head Rimmel.
6. Favorite brand name lip product? Again super hard to just say one, I love Mac, Urban Decay and Anasatasia Beverly Hills.
7. Do you usually play up or play down your lips? I like to play my lips up.
8. Eyeliner in Pencil, Gel, or Liquid? I love liquid eyeliners.
9. How do you do a cat eye? With a lot of practice lol.
10. What do you use to remove eye makeup and mascara? I use LancĂ´me eye makeup remover.
12. Cream or Powder eye shadow? I like to use powder eye shadows.
13. What tricks can you do to make your eyelashes look longer? Layers of Masacara and best of all false eyelashes.
14. How do you brighten up your eyes? I use eye drops and by using a gold or a white in the corners really brightens the eyes up.
15. What color(s) go with your eyes? I love golds on my eyes.
16. Favorite drugstore eyeliner? Hard one, Maybelline and Nyx.
17. Favorite drugstore eyeshadow? Makeup revolution and Nyx.
18. Favorite drugstore mascara? Maybelline.
20. Favorite brand name eyeliner? Kat Von D tattoo eye liner, The Balm eyeliner, Dior, urban decay. I really don’t have a fav.
21. Favorite brand name eyeshadow? Urban Decay.
22. Favorite brand name mascara? Urban Decay, Dior and Benefit oh and YSL I have a lot that love.
23. Favorite brand name palette? Again too many to mention love Anastatsia, the balm, urban decay.
25. If you can only use one eye makeup product, what would it be? My eyeliner.
I hope you enjoyed this interview of Babblingon and for more beauty tips, tricks and information make sure to follow her!


Skin care products I use and love

For me it’s always been a bit of a struggle to find products that work well with my skin. I have always had sensitive skin and shaving has always irritated it. I have tried what feels like every shave cream product under the sun. Recently I have found Pharmaskincare shaving gel and i love it! When I shave it allows the razor to do it”s job without the razor burn I normally would get which is a huge bonus for me. No more bumpy itchy skin.


The facial scrub I have fallen in love with. Most of the facial scrubs I have used over the years have dried my skin out too much and in some cases left it red and scaly. The facial scrub from Pharmaskincare is wonderful to use and does a great job of keeping my skin feeling clean and fresh.

the after shave lotion is fantastic and after I shave, shower and scrub it feels so good to apply the after shave lotion and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I highly recommend Pharmaskincare products. By the way they also have products for the ladies as well!


MDP’s beard care series – Beard oil

Welcome to the first series of personal care products, tips and tricks I use. I decided I need to branch out a bit and wanted to share my personal grooming products, tips and tricks with anyone who interested in it.

I chose my beard to start with as it does take some good maintenance time each week to maintain a healthy, soft beard. I actually only grew my beard out 3 years ago and since then I have been a little OCD about maintaining a nice, soft well trimmed beard on me for the most part.


Now as anyone who has read my blog knows that I don’t give just anybody a shout out, but this time I will as I am starting a new series and I loooooove their products.


I have tried many beard conditioners and oils that never seemed to quite work as well as I had hoped. Recently I discovered Man Cave Ideas and their beard oils and I have now found a beard oil that works for me. The one I have now is called Wildwood and I love it! This woodsy oil works great not only on my beard, but my skin as well. I apply a few drops to the palm of my hand and massage in to my beard and skin where I have just trimmed and let it go to work. If you have a beard I would highly recommend you try Man Cave Ideas and their products. I know I will be trying more for sure!