So what do you do asĀ  parent when your teenage son says this? Well today as I walked in to the house after school my son had not even said “Hi dad” when he went in to a calm, but aggressive talk with me about “gym strips” and his brother!

I walk in and he starts going on about his shorts that are missing in a sort of calm fashion, but as the conversation went on I had discovered that Logen had gone and locked himself in the washroom as to get away from Ryley! Ryley has misplaced or lost one pair of his shorts and because he couldn’t find them he automatically started going after Logen as Logen must taken them and used them for his own gym strip.

Now those of you that have teens will know how devastatingly tragic this can be….

So after talking to both (maybe I had to raise my voice an octave or 10, because they kept trying to talk over me and each other at the same time) This is what I had gathered from the conversation!

  • Ryley couldn’t find his shorts in the morning, so he automatically went to Logen and asked him “nicely” (turns out agressively) if Logen has used his shirts? Logen says “no”.
  • Ryley then says to Logen “bring your gym strip home so I can see” at this point Logen being irritated said “no”.
  • Ryley then says “bring it home or I will have mom and dad go through your backpack”.
  • Logen at this point ignores Ryley till the end of the day and they get home.
  • Ryley still reeling from not finding his shorts apparently starts having words with Logen.
  • Logen locks himself in the bathroom until I return home to get away from Ryley.
  • Ryley talks to me and makes himself look like a frigging angel, till I call Logen down and we start having our talk to figure out what happened.

Teens will drive you MAD!!!!

  • So this is how it looks in my eyes….
  • Ryley got pissy because he couldn’t find his shorts.
  • Logen was easy to blame, so he got blamed by Ryley.
  • Ryley didn’t want to take responsibility of his own things and blamed Logen.
  • Logen wasn’t having any of it and walked away.

And this is when I walk in and had to listen to this for close to a half hour when I finally got fed up and told them both to “SHUT IT” and yes I yelled! I literally could not handle the raised voice over raised voice as they tried to talk over me and each other anymore and that’s when I heard Ryley say “OH MY GOD I HATE MY LIFE”!

All that went through my mind is “really? over a pair of smelly gym shorts you hate your life?”. Now I do remember what it was like to be a teen and maybe my memory has blocked the dumb things I had said (most probably), but I don’t ever remember having a meltdown over trivial things like shorts? It was said with so much conviction I was literally waiting for him to drop to the floor and kick and scream like he did when he was 2. In the end I had told them both that it was a really dumb fight to have! had either one of them told me a week ago (just so happens they knew this problem a week ago) I wouldn’t have had to come home and deal with screaming kids for 45 minutes over a pair of $20 shorts! Spider-man says it best for me!


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How Frozen made me an old man!

I was bathing my Daughter Olivia and she started humming”let it go”… As she hummed and hummed I chimed in “I don’t care what they’re going to say” she then said the next line “let the storm rage on” and then says to me your turn! I chuckled a bit and said I don’t know the next line… Olivia all of a sudden says to me “why because your an old man?”… I was left speechless! Disney frozen was my downfall lol!


My son and his lunch down the drain

So Logen who is my middle child woke up early and was determined to make his hot lunch for school. He got out the pot and boiled water, put the perogies in the pot and cooked them. After they cooked he grabbed the pot lid and was draining them off in the sink and I walk in behind him and look at him toss his arms up and a look of disappointment on his face. I ask whats wrong? as I walk up to the sink I see this…. He was so upset! I couldn’t help but have a laugh later.

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