A Christmas letter to my parents

Christmas hasn’t been the same for a few years now! I miss you both so much! When Christmas comes I remember how special you made it even if you could afford it or not. I remember that for us Christmas basically started in October when you would make your fruit cake mom that you and dad would eat with your tea everyday and soon to follow would be all the buckets of tarts and cookies.

When you would start the Christmas baking we knew that Christmas was close, but yet so far away and the anticipation of it would almost kill us as we waited. Soon after the baking was done about mid November dad would break out his Christmas records and start playing carols and before we knew it, it was the first of December and the tree would go up and the countdown began.

Oh what I would give to relive just one of those wonderful memories I have being a child at Christmas. The sights, the sounds, the smell of baking as it filled the house. The Christmas carols that seemed to be playing from when we woke to the moment we fell asleep. The love that we felt inside because we couldn’t contain our emotions. What wonderful memories you created for us and for that I am ever grateful!

Today this moment as I sit and write this I miss you both so much and it has me shedding a few tears. It’s because I miss and love you both so much and I really want to give your grandchildren those same memories you gave to me. I know somewhere out there you are watching us as we celebrate Christmas with smiles on your faces knowing you did a good job raising us and the legacy you left behind will forever be with us.

Merry Christmas mom and dad! I love and miss you!

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