Why I don’t do Facebook groups!

When I first started blogging everyone was inviting or saying how I should join groups on Facebook, so I did and joined quite a few. As time went on and I read and watched how they work and the things that were said (mostly all closed groups were the ones where things would be said) I became disillusioned with them!

There are two things that bothered me about being in these groups. First off they are self serving for the admin of the group which is usually a blogger and their rise is off the blood, sweat and tears of the people inside the group which is great, but I am here trying to build my blog and brand up not theirs. Second of all the closed groups were the worst for me as I saw some fairly distasteful posts put up in them!

I thought long and hard about these groups and my involvement in them and literally thought I should stay in them for my best personal gain and link dump, but my better judgment took over and one day I left them all! I do belong currently to 2, but they are because I love what I see in them and they make me a better person and a better blogger!

I would rather support a fellow blogger by following them on their social media and have the mindset to share their links as I run across them or they can even tag me in their link and I am more than happy to share it! I am not a selfish blogger by any means as I firmly believe you get out what you put in. I have met some amazing people in my time blogging and I enjoy it immensely.

So the next time you join a group have a look around and make sure it’s a group that is going to make you a better person and a better blogger! That’s just my thoughts though and really it is up to each individual and what they want to be associated!


I’ve had a similar experience joining groups on FB. They’re not really my thing either, although I am in one or two I think. I turned off notifications thought, those got pretty irritating.

I also prefer actively supporting on social media, as opposed to the whole group thing. I think it’s better to be connect outside of any ‘group’.

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