Fathers Day not my cup of tea!

The thought of a day where people celebrate my fatherhood has never really been my thing. I have never needed the approval, the pat on the back or the “expensive presents” that have come with Fathers Day. If I’m very honest with you the thought of my children buying me presents on Fathers Day bothers me greatly simply because I wanted to have them. I didn’t have them to shower me in gifts once a year for wanting to have children to love and cherish. To me it seems a bit odd to even want or expect a gift that day because in my case I have three gifts already and  their names are Ryley, Logen and Olivia and those three gifts are all I need.

I already know I am a good dad because everyday I wake up and I do my very best for them. I know they see it (maybe not always), but eventually they do. I see it in their eyes, the young people they are becoming, the decisions they make, the words that come out of their mouth, the hugs and kisses I have received, the “I love you’s”. I see and hear my fathers day everyday in them. On Fathers Day I do not need much! Just a hug and an “I love you”, a cup of coffee (if they feel like it) made just for me the way I like it and that’s more than enough for me.



I have never thought of it that way for Father’s or Mother’s day. I always saw it as a day to celebrate being one and getting appreciated for all the work that goes into it. Recognition goes a long way BUT I have never been a huge fan of Mother’s Day myself. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it has a little to do with Valentine’s Day. I’m not a fan because I think that taking one day out of the year to show love and appreciation for a loved one is stupid when that love and appreciation should be shown and celebrated all year. Another reason for me though is that Whenever Mother’s Day comes around I just don’t really feel like it’s all that special. I hear a lot from many parents, “Yay! I get a day off” Actually, for me I’d rather spend it with my kids. We don’t really do anything out of ordinary accept the boys make me cards and last year their dad helped them buy me a necklace. Other than those things though it just feels like a regular day for me and like you, I like it that way. I enjoyed hearing your view on this and I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t all that keen on these days:)

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