How Frozen made me an old man!

I was bathing my Daughter Olivia and she started humming”let it go”… As she hummed and hummed I chimed in “I don’t care what they’re going to say” she then said the next line “let the storm rage on” and then says to me your turn! I chuckled a bit and said I don’t know the next line… Olivia all of a sudden says to me “why because your an old man?”… I was left speechless! Disney frozen was my downfall lol!



Oh no! Lol Perhaps it’s time you watched it a few hundred times with Olivia. Let us know if watching Frozen and knowing all the words to the songs miraculously makes you younger. You could make a mint if that was true!


Ha Ha! We brought the film on DVD first, then we brought the CD and then at Christmas, we brought the singalong DVD (these guys know how to market). We now know most of the songs of by heart! Oh, and we have two boys!

Happy singing.

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