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The idea of Modern Dad Pages came to me after being a stay at home dad for the last 7 years. I do realize that I am going to push some boundaries here and hopefully have a lot of men that agree with my thoughts of what a Modern Dad is. I am also hoping to make a few question their ideas of what a Dad should be, and I am positive that there will be some that hate what I have to say. I welcome all Dads to read what I have to say with an open mind. I believe long gone are the days when Dad is the lord and master of his castle. The Modern Dad has now come to realize that his involvement in the home is more important than any job. Whether you are employed and work outside the home or self employed and work from home or are one of the truly brave men that have come home as a full time stay at home Dad, it is essential that you involve yourself in the home. A mans place with his children is only as deep as the time he puts in too them and the home. They should always be the priority even over work. make time for your children, they deserve it.