How to be a good parent!

I was asked recently what makes me qualified to write a parent blog and what makes me a better parent than others? I was a little shocked, but my reply was simple… I am a parent so that makes me qualified in some sort of way and I am not a better parent than anyone else, I just do the best I can day in and day out and write about it from time to time.
This question got me thinking though and what does a good parent do? Well as I see it a good parent simply wakes up in the morning and does the best they can each day. Some days are better than other days and depending on your mood and the events of the day it can be a great day or it can be a disaster or anywhere in between!
Recently since I was asked this question I have been thinking of how I have done things in the past and what worked and what didn’t (trust me there are plenty of times I could have done things different to have had a better outcome)! In the end all that came to mind is I did the best I could with each situation at that moment.
Sometimes it seems to me that parents are expected to have complete control of their emotions 100% of the time, but the reality is we are human and we feel, sometimes we feel great, other times we feel like shit and that transfers to how we parent. So my advice to you on how to be a good parent…

  1. Wake up everyday and do your best! Simply by doing your best you will make each day easier on you and your children. Remember you are already an amazing parent!
  2. learn from your parenting fails! We all have them and have committed them once or a thousand times, but keep trying.
  3. When things become to much and overwhelming take 5 and breathe (easier said than done most times, that’s what the bathroom is for HAHAHA)!
  4. Each child is different and needs a different approach when dealing with them (I have learned this the hard way)!
  5. Most of all have fun with parenting as you will never regret those moments of shear happiness and there are far more of those than shit times. You are a good parent no matter what as your  children love you and look up to you!


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