I don’t want you to be me!

I want you to be a better than me! I want you to take the things from me that you like about me and keep them if you like, but be a better person than me! Some of the things that are important to me is that you make better decisions, set better examples and have more patience.

I have written many letters to you three, but this may be the one I want you to take to heart the most.

Tell the truth – Now I am not just talking about lying. You can also not be telling the truth by simply not saying anything. This is a hard lesson to learn, because there are times you just don’t want to say anything and keep quiet. The truth of that is not saying anything can be as bad as telling a lie even if it will hurt someone else it will hurt more if it comes out and it wasn’t from you.

Be patient – They say patience is a virtue and it truly is. Although I know I can be very impatient and on edge at times I try hard and it’s a battle that rages within. Take words and situations with a grain of salt and do not expect immediate results. Sometimes the best things in life are well worth waiting for.

Speak up – Do not hide your voice! I have raised you to use your words and speak to be heard. Even though I may not practice this myself with everyone and I prefer to keep quiet and get on with things, this isn’t what I want for you. Things that you need to say and don’t will eat you up inside and change you as a person, change relationships sometimes it can change everything you feel inside depending on the extent of what you keep quiet about.



words of wisdom. patience and understanding are the two things that I hope my daughter embraces the most

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

Great advice for the kids Rod, but you shouldn’t discourage them from being like you. You are a great person & father – they’d be lucky to turn out like you! #wineandboobs


Awwww, that’s lovely. You’re kids are lucky to have you as their Dad. I think I would probably write the same for mine and add in about being a ‘nice person’, I love nice people and it seems like a boring thing to be but really it’s the best thing you can be #wineandboobs


If your kids inherit your integrity and kind nature, they will be lucky. I think it’s so important to teach kids how to speak up…as an adult now, I constantly feel like I’m not heard and although a lot of that is to do with my general nature, some of it I think is to do with not being pushed to always speak up as a child.

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