I’m adding a new parenting type….

We have all heard the different parenting types like helicopter parenting or attachment parenting or narcissistic parenting, you know there’s about 10 or 12 types of parents. Well today I am going to add one more! I call it FFS Parenting (For fuck sake’s parenting). We have all thought it at one time or another, maybe even vocalized it under our breath or vocalized it really loud in desperation!

You know what I’m talking about…

  • Muuuuuum have you seen my jeans? You know my favourite ones!
  • Daaaaaaad can you drive me to the mall?
  • Muuuuuum where did you put my (whatever)? Like it’s your fault they didn’t put it away themselves lol
  • Muuuuuum when’s dinner?
  • Daaaaaaad have you seen (whatever)?

When you have heard your second name (mum,dad) for the hundredth time as you sip your already cold coffee and most likely thinking FFS! I know I have done it on more than one occasion over my 17 years of being a dad.


So how would I describe the FFS parent? It’s the reality of parenting, hearing your second name in a looooooooong drawn out (what feels like at times) condescending tone like your supposed to know and do everything perfect the first time! Your supposed  to always love searching for the things they can’t find because YOU didn’t put it in the right spot the first time and now you must pay for it undertone as they finish the sentence.

The FFS parent (for fuck sake’s parent) knows that feeling you get when you hear your second name being called and your head drops towards the floor and in your mind the words “for fuck sakes what now?” cruise through your mind like a rocket ship taking off and you put that smile on your face and say “yes? what are you looking for?



This is brilliant and so true it echoed in my ears I have heard this a lot over 20 years love this post Rod


Great post!

I’ve only been a parent for 2.5 years and I most definitely fall into this category already! I’ve lost count the number of times “ffs” has been muttered under my breath or said loudly inside my head! And there’s no doubt many more years of it to come….

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