A letter to my son about girlfriends and emotional attachment

Recently I was asked “why do girls feel more emotionally attached after having sex with a guy?” and I thought this would be great to write to you about so you could read it whenever you felt you need too. This question, however, is much deeper and more complex than the simplicity it was asked.

The first question you should ask is what attracted her to you? That’s where all this magic starts! In the very initial stage, it could be how you look, a smile, a smirk or whatever physical trait caught her eye. Secondly, it most definitely has to do with your personality and how you interact with her because physical attraction will only go so far with a girl and there has to be a deeper more meaningful connection for the next step of your relationship with her of being a couple.

So the big question was “why do girls feel more emotionally attached after having sex with a guy?”. When you have been in a relationship and you both decide to take it to the next step and have sex chances are very good that she will need that emotional connection with you because it’s a much more intimate act for her than you may realize.

Many women tend to be very guarded when you first meet them and there’s a reason they have what we call walls. These walls are their fears and one by one you have to let them come down when she’s good and ready. This you cannot rush.

For her it’s the deep trust of a new relationship, she gives herself mind, body, and soul letting you into her world completely. She is trusting you to be that person she needs, to not hurt her, to give her the time and love she needs to be intimate with you.

When your girlfriend decides to have sex with you she’s allowing you to become a part of her. She is literally inviting you into her. To share something with her that is sacred, her body! Now I know saying this your thoughts may be it’s natural for them as it is for us, but the reality it is not the same for your girlfriend as it is for you as you can’t imagine what it would be like to have someone enter your body.

As men, we can’t imagine the emotional security we would need to share our own bodies in such a way. So when your girlfriend has sex with you think about what it means to her to let you in and share her body with you.



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