When you make your blog real!

There is nothing harder than pouring your heart and soul on to a page for all to see! It’s like the quote “I wear my heart on my sleeve” and it leaves your heart exposed for whatever comes at it good or bad! Recently I have taken the choice for the world to meet me and I am putting myself out there more and more, little by little. Now some of you may be asking “what does he mean by that?” it simply means that though here or social media I am being myself!

Whether it’s a blog post, caption, quote, video or a live stream I have promised myself to be me and show the world I am more than just a parent and I have more depth than just being a parent! So far the journey has been amazing and everyone who follows me has been amazing with how they have welcomed the new me. I honestly could not have imagined how well received it’s been. To everyone that’s welcomed the new me “THANK YOU”!

I wanted to talk a bit about what happens when you finally let go and stop trying to create as perfect image as you can of you and your life, because our lives are not perfect and no one is impenetrable to a not so perfect life. I can tell you it’s absolutely relief! We all have our moments even though as we scroll through Instagram and see all these perfect moments captured and it can get to you as a person especially when you are in a moment of life when things are not so great in our own lives.

I’ve seen many times when people have put it out there that they are taking a break from it all and working on themselves. You know as  follower that something has happened and they are overwhelmed and cannot deal with seeing everyone’s perfect life. So what happens when you share a thought or feeling’s that are not so positive on social media? Big things start happening! People relate to you better, people understand you better because they see themselves in you!

My best piece of advice I can give is be yourself on your blog and social media and you will see incredible things happen! Things you never imagined including the freedom of being yourself! Nothing feels better than not having to worry about the next perfect post, picture or caption!


Yes !! i’m not making it big, i’m not spending all day designing and being picture perfect and writing a million posts. I don’t have the time. I’m just building my blog my way, at my pace, on my terms, warts and all.


This is so true Rod it’s taking it at your own pace and writing from the heart. I don’t have many blog reader followers but that doesn’t upset me as I know when I do get comments or emails from some readers it makes my day. I guess we are all on a rollercoaster called life and sharing is caring! X

Modern dad

I don’t either! What I do write though is most definitely me! That’s all that matters. I have read your blog and watched your YouTube videos and you are a star Bella!

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