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I wrote a basic introductory post on Minecraft a couple of weeks ago after spending a couple of hours playing with the kids and learning a tiny bit of what this phenomenon is. Everyone I talk to it seems that their children are playing it, but us as parents in general really know nothing about it. Well basically Minecraft is like Lego. You can build with with tear it down and start all over again. It opens up the imagination of children and adults that play it and they can create whatever they can imagine in their head.

Connected Camps is a summer online camp for kids to learn how to play Minecraft  on their moderated camp servers from the comfort of your own home with camp counselors online to ensure a safe environment while they learn.

  • Problem solving and design
  • Advanced building techniques
  • Online and web literacy
  • Collaboration and community organizing
  • Digital citizenship
  • Weekly challenges that engage players of all levels
  • Guides for parents and educators
  • Live streams introducing challenges and showcasing player creations
  • An online forum for campers to ask questions and share

The program is recommended for kids 9-13 and the program runs between July, 6, 2015 and August, 2, 2015 and here is some of what they will be learning in the challenges.

  • Advanced Building – Take your builds to the next level. Collaborate with other players to make your creations in game look better than ever with advanced building techniques.
  • Documenting and Sharing – Like what you see on the server? Learn to document your Minecraft experience with screenshots, videos, and writing to be shared on the rest of the Internet through photo albums, YouTube, and blogs.
  • Creating Player Challenges – Make this week’s challenge your own by creating your own and issuing it to other players. We’ll feature the best player created challenges in our game announcements and blogs.


Recreate a Famous Landmark: challenge is to choose an object or landmark that interests you and recreate it in Minecraft! This is a great opportunity to learn about your subject and how it’s designed and structured.

Adventuring (Survival Mode): The Minecraft world is a huge place filled with caves and other locations to explore. When exploring, it’s always safer to go with friends!

Make Your Own Minecraft Videos: During the camp we want everyone to be able to document their work and awesome creations. 

A week in Summer of Minecraft: When designing Summer of Minecraft, our goal was to provide fun, structured activities you would find in a physical camp, and allow for the flexibility in participation through our online server and counselor structure.

As you can see there will be plenty to learn in this summer camp and your kids are sure to enjoy it! They will also learn more about the game as they have the expert counselors guiding them.

Online Coding Camp

Currently sold out

A special Programming in Minecraft server is available for kids interested in learning to code in-game using the Lua programming language. Sign up early, as there are a limited number of spots available!

  • One week membership to our coding server
  • Learn how to code in-game using the programming language Lua
  • Program computers and robots to perform in-game tasks for you
  • Learn programming concepts that can be applied to many other programming languages
  • Limited to 25 kids per week

The coding is something I do want the kids to eventually take as it will open up not only Minecraft, but the world to coding to them.

The camp costs are affordable and especially with the discount that has been given to me to offer my readers.

online kid camp is $150 (4 weeks)

Online coding camp $50

Grown up camp $25

Click here to register and when registering use promo code MD30 to receive a 30% discount.

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

Very cool! And great discount, well done! Too bad the coding camp is sold out, that’d be an amazing skill for kids to develop from a young age. After reading your first Minecraft post, I bought Minecraft for my son and he LOVES it. It is a lot like lego and it’s very creative.


This looks awesome! My son is 6 so a little young for these camps still, but he just discovered Minecraft and loves it! I however, don’t quite get it. Must start playing on his playstation while he is away at school so I can get all caught up with it 🙂 #wineandboobs

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