Moments a letter to my children

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life. The moments of happiness, moments of sadness, moments of hardship, moments of love, moments of satisfaction, moments of reflection, all the moments in your memory from birth to this present moment.

Moments that have defined and brought us to where we are today. Moments where we went left instead of right and moments when we went right instead of left. Moments that brought shear happiness and moments that brought shear heartbreak.

moments-3These moments we treasure and remember happy or sad we carry with us and they will never fade, they will never go away, they will always be in our minds and our hearts. These moments can still define us now in this moment simply by guiding our new moments.

If it is a happy moment and we had a similar moment years ago chances are we will take the new moment and make it a new happy moment in our life.

If it is a horrible moment and we had a similar one years ago and we went left instead of right and things got worse chances are we will go right instead of left hoping that going right will be less painful.

There are moments though that will never change going left or going right. The only thing you can do is choose and make a path straight ahead where there is no path. You have to make your own path as there is no right or wrong path for that moment. There is only you and your decision to make the moment.

All I know for sure is the moments in your life define you up until this very moment and every moment after this will define you. At the end of your life you don’t want to be thinking about something or someone and wish you would have made another decision at the time instead of the moment you chose.

Choose your moments as each second that passes is a new one!


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