Moving to England

So fellow bloggers I have decided that a change is needed and have decided to move abroad. I have decided on England. At this point I am not sure for how long, but at least a year and when will be determined when the papers are processed.

I am sure that a lot of you may be asking yourself why England? Well England has a special place in my heart and I seem to live with one foot halfway there anyways. I have heard so much about England and need to see and experience life there. Of course I also want to be able to meet all my blogging friends as well.


There are a lot of things needed to be done before we run off for an adventure of a life time, so I am asking for the help of all the bloggers that follow me in England. I have to start looking for a rough area to live. As most of you know I have two teen boys (Ryley 16 and Logen 14) and Olivia who’s 5. I have to thing of schooling and activities for them all.

So I need some help from from my fellow bloggers! I am looking at the map of England, but obviously I have no clue about where too live? I want a nice central point where we can travel fairly easy throughout the country. Somewhere where the schooling is good and there are things to do keeping in mind I have teens and a young one?

So where in England would be a great place for us to live?


What a fantastic adventure! I live in the South of England. Devon is a lovely place to live for bringing up children. I live in Torbay which is quiet enough for my boys at the age they are now and is only a 30 minute train ride to some of the bigger cities (Plymouth and Exeter) for nights out and shopping etc when they are older. My blog has got some details on some of the things we’ve done recently if that helps? There’s also loads of outdoorsy stuff if that’s what your older boys are into? Like sea cadets, orienteering on Dartmoor, camping, rock climbing, abseiling etc. There’s also a local place that has a huge BMX dirt track with hills etc and a recording studio and dj decs as well as an indoor rock climbing wall. A bit of all sorts really. Let me know if that helps. I’m originally from further North (Manchester) So if your considering either area and have questions I’ll do my best to answer them for you x #babybrainmonday


Kent, the garden of England is a lovely distance from the coast, and fab high speed links into London, and Europe. Prob not the prettiest place in all of England, but highly practical and some beautiful parts x #babybrainmondays


Congratulations on making the first step! We’re from the South of England too. It’s a bit more expensive the closer you get to London! Hampshire and Dorset are all great places to look at with links to the coast, countryside and the big smoke! X #BabyBrainMonday

Kat @ Eat.Love.Live

North West London is fantastic! There’s some great areas with some fab schools. Central London is easily accessible. It’s easy access to Hertfordshire which is away from the hustle and bustle and has some nice country areas. It won’t be your cheapest option but it would be a great experience. Good luck with the planning #babybrainmonday


I always assumed we already shared the country with you!! Very excited to have you aboard. We live in Kent. Buckinghamshire is a lovely place to live with some fantastic schools that I know of. I can’t comment on the ones here as we haven’t gone through the schools yet. We were considering a move to Aus, or the US with his work. I can only just cope with the UK spiders… I hope it all goes smoothly for you and I can’t wait to see which spot you choose

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

No way!! This is huge! I don’t know where to recommend but I love visiting London πŸ™‚ Good luck Rod!


Well, you already know how to say zucchini in our language, so you’re onto a winner πŸ˜‰
I would say Suffolk. That is not where I live, but it is a gorgeous place on the lumpy sticky out bit known as East Anglia πŸ™‚ English seaside holiday towns are splendid.
Britmums 2016, here you come πŸ™‚
x Alice

Silly Mummy

Big move! I live in the South, & I have done for many years, BUT I come from South Yorkshire & my heart will always belong to the North. I would always tell anyone to pick any of the Yorkshires, followed by anywhere else in the North (sorry, Southerners)! That said, there are some lovely places in most parts of the country, and probably only one region that I would absolutely avoid. Obviously I will not say where that is. People DO live there. They might be offended. They would be offended. #babybrainmonday


Tell you what, you come live in my house and I’ll move my family to Canada. Bizarrely my neighbours have just moved to Toronto over the past week.

Anyway. York. It’s pretty much bang in the centre of the entire United Kingdom, low crime rate, good schools and countryside you would l-u-r-v-e. The locals can be a bit on the conservative side ‘though.

If I were moving to the UK permanently, it would be Somerset or the Cotswolds.


Wow amazing!! I live in Cornwall, South West England. I would’nt live any where else because it is such a great place to bring up children. It has over 100 beaches too which is a bonus!
Good luck in your new adventure #BabyBrainMonday


How very exciting πŸ˜€

We live in Church Crookham which is in Hampshire. It’s a great place to live and has good schools, so I’ve heard. Where we are you’re a 40 minute journey on the train into London and only an hours drive (maybe slightly longer depending on traffic) to the coast.

We moved down south just over three years ago. We originally lived up north in Lancashire but had to relocate down south because of my partners work. We’ve never looked back since and think the south is the place to be – although we would like to live and work abroad at some state to shake things up a bit.

Looking forward to reading about your adventures when you’ve moved over here,

Laura x

Robin Mackenzie

I made the move from Canada to England 7 years ago. Prepare yourself…things are different!

Oxfordshire is a beautiful place. Not too far from London, close to Oxford, nice countryside and good people.

I hope your move goes well. Look me up when you get here.

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