Is It Ok For A Parent To Break Down?

I’ve had this post title sitting in draft for more than a year now! It’s not that I didn’t want to write it, but more how would people receive it? I mentioned in my last post that I am making this year of me and I am going to write about things that I think are issues we should talk about. I am not going to be afraid to just write and write whatever I want to0 anymore.

This year I have a few posts that I like to call “darker side of parenting” dealing with things that we generally don’t or won’t talk about.

As parents we are expected to be on point all the time! Ready to solve the latest issue or problem arising in the household, but many of us use it as a distraction from our own feelings and what’s going on with us inside to ignore how we feel! It’s easy… Take on everyone’s issues and I don’t have to deal with what I have going on!!!!

So my question to myself was “is it ok for a parent to breakdown?” and My answer to myself was YES of course it’s ok! We tend to forget that parents are people to, we feel, we have emotions, we have our own issues we are dealing with (no one really knows what anyone is dealing inside or what problems they are having?).

So often we see our neighbors, our social media feeds and see how happy everyone is around us and we assume how happy they are because they are smiling, but we never stop to think “what are they dealing with”? There could be any number of things be it money, relationship, personal issues or even possibly mental health.

The dad you see as he gets in his car to head for work, the stay at home mom you see as she loads her children in the car to take them to school, the teacher, the store clerk, the gas station attendant or everyone else you cross paths with each and everyday they may get in their cars, their homes or wherever else and feel so overwhelmed that they cry, breakdown from stress from carrying to much inside! We are strong till we can’t be!

So the next time you see a person smiling or a photo and feel a little envy, remember you have no idea the struggles that person has going on inside them as we have become masters of disguise and we only project what we think the world wants to see!

What do you think? Is it ok for a parent to breakdown?




I totally agree we just don’t know what other are going through and everyone has a background story. When I post pics it is a snapshot of the day. Doesn’t mean my whole day has been joyous and stress free. I think that applies to others too. Yes it is ok for parents to have breakdowns, it’s good for children to see that we don’t need to bottle up our emotions.

Tracey at mummyshire

So often when parenting there is an expectation, and pressure to be everything to everyone – sadness stealers to cut knee healers; gold star carers, be creative craft and cake makers if not more! But, as you say, parents are just human, and sometimes we break which is perfectly acceptable!

Happy new year to you xx


Yes. I’m prone to depression and it happened to me this year. Lots of little frustrations and stresses building up and up. Throw in kids who don’t sleep, incessantly fight and kapow! I made it to the summer and then crumpled. It’s been terrible but some good has come from it as it has forced change and reevaluation.

The Stented Papa

The answer is ‘Absolutely 100% Yes’ Rod. We aren’t machines, far from it and we all have our crosses to carry. Being a parent doesn’t mean we have all the answers, hell no. I had depression twice in my 20’s and I honestly think it a sign of strength and courage when someone can admit they are in trouble. There is no stigma (or at least there shouldn’t be) in today’s world about stress/anxiety/depression – mental health in general – and when someone can say ‘Hey, I’m not feeling right, I need help’ (etc), to me, that is a brave person who wants to chat, unload and get on the road to recovery. And speaking from experience here, I’m all for that and for helping anyone who needs it. Good man for approaching the darker side of parenting, I’ll be keeping my eyes pealed for the next ones. #wineandboobs

Tracey Abrahams

I love that REM song, it is beautiful and very true. I am someone who hides my feelings behind a smile. It is my coping mechanism when dealing with the real world. #wineandboobs

Becky, Cuddle Fairy

I totally agree with you here. Social media paints a perfect picture of other’s lives that we believe then feel inadequate. It causes a lot of insecurities. Parents are just people trying to do their best, there’s a lot of pressure though to keep it together & keep everything going isn’t there? #wineandboobs

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