Being a parent is hard AF!

It is true… Being a parent is HARD AF! The challenges that come with parenting at times can be overwhelming and hard to swallow. There are times that your child/children will push your buttons and make you want to run away screaming (kids get good at learning what makes you cringe, now if they put that much effort in to studying lol). The older they get and the closer they become to being full blown adults the harder it gets.

When they are babies even though it’s their way of letting you know that they need something or somethings not right with them it’s their crying. It’s the fact that the crying is happening and you can’t seem to figure out what’s going on with them? Between the noise and your frustration after a long period of this it can be enough to break you down for two reasons one being it just breaks you emotionally and the other because you really hate not knowing whats, going on with them?

Everyone calls it the terrible two’s, but let’s be honest here it’s really the terrible toddler years (insert I am laughing so hard I’m crying emoji here) lol! This is the time they explore and (supposed) learn their limits! When I think back the one that got me was when they learned the word “NO”… Seriously did you just say “NO” to me?

Then there’s the oh about 5 – 12 years range (at least for me anyways) that things seem to level out and yes there is the push and pull of normal everyday life. Sometimes a day is a struggle, but mostly it levels out and you have your good days and your bad, good days out numbering the bad!


Then one day around the age of 12ish… Things change and they start changing and puberty hits! Oh my god what an emotional roller coaster that can be… Literally over the moon happy one second and the next your waiting for their head to start turning in circles like that girl from poltergeist (if you haven’t reached puberty in your house yet, buckle up it can be a bumpy road at times)!

What gets you in this age is this is when they really start finding themselves and who they really are and as a parent we can sometimes aggravate the situation because we don’t like a personality trait they are trying on for size and they do try on all the possible personality traits that there are! for me the worst one was the “I don’t care I’m an ass” one because they truly become one and dealing with that one can be uhmmmm let’s say challenging as you try and have a conversation with them about school and they get agitated which turns in to a heated conversation that they don’t like and all of a sudden they turn and walk away on you and you hear the words “fuck off” muttered (but not to muttered)! I can’t even explain what you feel as a parent!

Over all though the good out numbers the bad vastly! We tend to remember the bad days a lot more vividly because hey they were first or our emotions that day really took over and we remember how they made us feel! I wouldn’t change a thing though now that I have been through all this as it brought them around to the awesome children I have now (Olivia is still young so I will have to update this later on in life and right now she is completely adorable!). So yes being a parent is HARD AF, but nothing will fulfill like being a parent!

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