Raising Strong Girls

There’s a quote I often see floating through social media and it makes me smile every time I read it because it reminds me of what I do as a dad is so important in Olivia’s life! Now I have often thought there is a line in there that doesn’t quite fit for a dad “may we be them”, but really why shouldn’t the quote work for a dad? To really understand the importance of raising a strong girl we have to understand what it means to raise them.


Raising a strong girl is simple (at least to the point where I am now at almost 7 years old)! Let her know it’s good that she voices herself (this point is important whether your raising a girl or a boy, you can’t expect them to be obedient and just listen to you because your the parent and not do the same with everyone else). Really its good that they learn to voice themselves and who else are they going to learn to do that with besides you at the start of their young lives? Take the time to stop, listen and respond!

Something we also have to think about is the body issue! This one is a touchy one as far as I am concerned! How do you deal with this delicate issue? We all love to know that we look good, beautiful, handsome or gorgeous it’s in our DNA and our nature and there is nothing wrong with that, but how do you deal with the media onslaught of how a person should look? Even men have this problem… We are not all created equal!

I often have conversations with Olivia and she has a strong grasp at this point that people in general come in all shapes and sizes. They are all beautiful in their own way and we should celebrate that with them rather than tear them down. She understands that beauty is only skin deep and a handsome man or a beautiful woman can be ugly inside (I am not saying anyone does, but I want her to know that just because they are good looking outside that their insides are too) and that beauty starts from the inside out!

Here’s to raising strong girls and yes “may we be them” dads! Do you have anything to add? drop it in the comments below!

Mums do you have anything to add? Drop it below in the comments!




You are a great father! Girls really need the support of his father that he’d said what she is beautiful. Yes, we are all different and there is no standard for beauty. But it is in childhood generates a sense of self-confidence that will be with us the rest of your life.


Oooo, I always feel deeply uncomfortable when I read this kind of thing. Yes, girls should be raised strong but it is not solely the mother’s job as the quote implies. It is down to the father and other relatives etc. as well. Also, why should boys not be strong? In my experience, one of the saddest things you can see is a henpecked man reluctant to stand up to his partner. You also raise a very good point about body issues. This is an issue on the rise among men and boys and yet it doesn’t have the recognition it deserves. So, er, yeah, let’s raise strong girls and boys and let’s not rely on women to do it. Thought provoking post.

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