Rant… Why does media do this?

So I saw this today…….

FullSizeRender(4)And it kind of pissed me off to be honest! There are two very different questions inside that tweet, but it looks like they are asking who’s a better parent? First off……

  1. There are plenty of parents where both parents need to work! I have read enough blog posts and seen enough comments where at least one of the parents would love to stay home with their children to raise them, but simply cannot afford too.
  2. There are parents that work on their own accord… That’s fine too… It’s their choice.
  3. Asking if being a stay at home mum is better for your family… Well I guess that is up to your family dynamics now isn’t it?

If you are looking for an answer and debate of who’s a better parent? Here’s my answer to that! It doesn’t matter if you work or stay at home! What makes a good parent is simply a good parent!

A stay at home works hard everyday just as a working parent works hard everyday. Just two different but same jobs really and the hours are pretty much the same sun up to bed time. You can’t compare one to the other.

I was a stay at home dad for many years and enjoyed my time at with the kids. Recently I have gone back to work part time and know both sides of the fence and the one thing I have realized is it just doesn’t matter whether you work as a parent or stay home as a parent you only get back from the kids with the time you give them and maintaining the home also needs to still get done!

Neither parent is a super hero, nor better than another. We are simply parents doing the best we can with what we have to work with.


I know! I don’t understand it either. I don’t work right now but that doesn’t make me begrudge or judge working mothers. When I was working, I never gave a second thought to stay-at-home moms. We all do what’s best for us and for our kids. That should be enough. And to add that to social media to drudge up another mom war…for what? Sometimes people just suck!

Mummy Tries

This is yet another side divider, that shouldn’t even be news. The real news should be how to constantly evolve and become the best people (and parents!) we possibly can… But noooooo, that’s way too boring apparently πŸ™

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