Skin care products I use and love

For me it’s always been a bit of a struggle to find products that work well with my skin. I have always had sensitive skin and shaving has always irritated it. I have tried what feels like every shave cream product under the sun. Recently I have found Pharmaskincare shaving gel and i love it! When I shave it allows the razor to do it”s job without the razor burn I normally would get which is a huge bonus for me. No more bumpy itchy skin.


The facial scrub I have fallen in love with. Most of the facial scrubs I have used over the years have dried my skin out too much and in some cases left it red and scaly. The facial scrub from Pharmaskincare is wonderful to use and does a great job of keeping my skin feeling clean and fresh.

the after shave lotion is fantastic and after I shave, shower and scrub it feels so good to apply the after shave lotion and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I highly recommend Pharmaskincare products. By the way they also have products for the ladies as well!



Thank you for the article. I’ll check these out! One trick I stumbled upon with after shaving was to use my beard oil on the neck area I just shaved. It really soothed my skin really well!

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