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Being the dad of two teens in high school and of course like most parents I have given them smartphones. I have come to realize that smartphones have truly taken away from the education system and made it that much harder for teachers to do the job they intended to do when they became teachers.

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I personally cannot imagine how a teacher must feel with a class sat in front of them and maybe it’s just one or two or 30 kids examining their crotches for countless minutes each class as they text, snapchat, Instagram, group chat, tweet, or post a Facebook status (who do they think they are? bloggers?). More importantly as a teacher I would be more concerned if they were taking photos of me and what are they saying about me in those photos?

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In a world so connected it has become an extension to kids today to stay connected, but at what toll has this taken on our children’s education? What are the kids missing if they spend even 10 minutes a class on their phones? How much better their grades would be if they did not have that smartphone distracting them? Although some will argue that smartphones can be educational I do agree, but in a controlled environment where the teacher has control of the situation!

There are parents that argue (I’ve heard this first hand) that the phones let them stay in touch with their children more easily. I do agree with that, but there is no reason for me to be calling or messaging them during classes. If I need my child that badly I can contact the office and have them call me. That’s one of the reasons schools have a main number and someone to answer the phones. The child does not need to have their phone on them in class.


My personal thought is that each classroom should have a table with a space labeled with the child’s name where when they enter class they place their phone face down with the volume turned off and it stays there till end of class unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. This would have to become a part of school policy and any parent that is worried that something will happen to the phone then they know that maybe they should not send it with their child.

We send our children to school to learn and they certainly do not need more distraction than they already have!




That’s a brilliant idea. Couldn’t agree more. If my kids are going to be walking home by themselves I’m going to have to get them a phone (not that I’m a panicker or anything…!) but I would worry about them taking the p*ss and using it when they shouldn’t. A class door phone amnesty is totally the way forward.
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