So you are going to be mom…

So you are going to be a mom and I am sure you have some or a lot of anxiety about becoming a mom (let you in on a little secret we dads do to). I would really like to emphasize to you that “YOU’VE GOT THIS”! Trust me on that one… Even when your doubting yourself and we all do “YOU’VE GOT THIS”! No matter how frustrated you get, how confused you feel you will always find a way. Your love for your baby will help you more than you realize.

I have composed a list of things I think you should know (yes I know I am a dad writing this, but I have three kids and been down the road of becoming a first time parent lol). It can be overwhelming I won’t lie about that especially the first one because your learning and doing your best and sometimes even though it doesn’t feel you are, trust me you are!

  • Other people may be experts on looking after their own child, but not yours. Only you know your child that intimately.
  • The tiredness will end! Even when it feels like you will never sleep again for more than an hour at a time a day will come when your baby sleeps longer!
  • If you’re unhappy, your baby will be unhappy. If you’re happy, your baby will be happy. Even babies feel your moods.
  • Everything will be ok! Just trust your gut instincts.
  • You are going to feel so overwhelmed with love that you may cry (I did with all three)!


  • Getting your baby on a schedule straight out of the gate… Who cares… Cuddle and snuggle your baby all you want to! It really is just a blink of an eye before they become toddlers, so just love and cuddle your baby!
  • There will be lots of times when the baby is crying and you don’t know why. That’s ok, babies cry. Sometimes they are trying to communicate something, but often they are releasing their emotions. It happens even to us adults!
  • Do not get caught up trying to be the perfect mother. There is no such thing. In order to be the best mother to your baby, all you have to do is try your best.
  • Take time for yourself. It is absolutely crucial that you take time for yourself on a daily basis. even if it’s just for 10 minutes trust me you will feel a difference.
  • Most of all and I can’t say this enough! Enjoy all the little moments you can (I know that they all can’t be the best moments)! You will never regret even bad moments (later on in life you will probably laugh at a lot of them and wish you could feel all those ups and downs again).

Becoming a mom will be your biggest moment in your life (trust me on that one… Becoming a dad was mine)! Try not to stress to much about the things that happen that maybe didn’t turn out so well or beat yourself up over what you should have done! Just take it all in because down the road the memories you have more than likely will make you laugh or shake your head with a smile. All the moments good or bad you will treasure forever!

Picking Up Toys

Love this Rod!Took me til baby number 3 to ignore all the ‘good advice’ such as if I didn’t put them down they’d always be clingy or you must make a routine or they’ll take over your life completely – all that kind of nonsense but I kind of winged it ignoring everything but my instinct and enjoyed it far more!

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