Thank you to all the teachers

As this is the first time the school year comes to a close since I started my blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for for educating my children. I know that some of the bloggers out there are teachers as well. Being a teacher you are far from paid enough when I think of the impact you have on this world. We as parents ship our children off to school and trust in you to teach our children and guide them while they are not with us.

You are far more than just a teacher and I can only speak for myself when I tell you there are times I do forget everything else your job entails. Being a stay at home dad I know what it’s like to have 3 kids bursting with energy in a small space and that can be challenging. I cannot imagine what 30 kids with varying degrees of bottled energy would be like.


I can tell you from coaching soccer and having a group of 16 kids that want to be there and want to be playing and learning was too much to handle for me some days. So days that I may forget, remind me! Not only do you contend with the energy, but you also have to teach a class where not all kids are the exact same. Some learn quicker than others, others need you to show them a different way than the one you taught to understand and some kids just have a hard time learning. You must have the patience that I certainly do not have.

I have listened to kids talk about some of the things that have been said to a teacher, the verbal abuse that you may take on any day is a game of roulette. I as a parent respect the work you put in to my children, not only academic but being there for them when they need that little bit of extra help or maybe having a bad day and you choose too not make a fuss about it.

There is a lot that’s forgotten as it’s not like any profession out there. You are molding young minds not just for academics, but for living life. I thank you and hope you have a great summer! Enjoy!


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Super Busy Mum

It’s a tough job for sure! I have many friends that are teachers. I remember once, in the first week of school, I asked a friend how the new year was going. He said “it’s week one and someone has already told me to go f myself”. I could NEVER do their job! Big thank you to all the teachers out there. Enjoy your summer!

Anna Busby (@frazzledbeauty)

Im dreading my youngest leaving his reception teacher she has gone above and beyond for him to help him and worked so hard with him ! teachers do not get enough recognition I agree ! great post #wineandboobs πŸ™‚


Thoughtful post! I love that quote. My daughter is graduating high school next week. This post made me reflect back on how fortunate we’ve been in the past few years with her teachers. She has been filled with passion and excitement for learning which is propelling her into a fantastic college. So proud and grateful. #wineandboobs

My Family Ties

It’s amazing what a difference a teacher can make- my teen daughter has autism and having ‘the one’ teacher who inspires her has made all the difference to her school time πŸ™‚ #wineandboobs

Lucy @ bottlefor2

Yeah, you are right, it is so important to have good teachers for our kids. How they have the patience to manage a whole class of them I will never know. It takes a certain kind of person to make that commitment. Good on you teachers. Thank you. #wineandboobs

Fifty Jewels

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful shift if teachers were paid as well as professional athletes? They are certainly worth it. Molding a mind and encouraging growth has to be as valuable as dunking a ball. A great teacher guides so many.


SO true. I remember the best teachers at my school and they will remain in my memory forever. They really are unvalued and I hope that the quality of teaching remains high for we need them for our next generation. Great post and I am feeling the same as my twins start school soon xx


You never forget an inspirational teacher. I remember a couple of mine very clearly. They changed who I was and the direction of my life. Their influence was huge. Being a teacher is so much more than being an educator. I wish teachers received more recognition and reward in our society.


What a lovely post. My sister and both parents are teachers and I know how hard they have all worked, it’s not a job I would like to do. My little girl loves her teachers and I feel so grateful to them for taking care of her and starting her on her learning journey. #wineandboobs


A different kind of hard, in my opinion. Most days I find teaching easier than being a mum to my 10 month old. Hopefully I will get better at mothering with practice as I have with teaching.


John Adams

Teaching a vastly underpaid and undervalued. I am stagerred at what my eldest daughter has learned during the short time she has been at school. Teachers are great. Thanks for hosting #wineandboobs


You must have really great teachers. I have only experienced the high school teachers here in my small town and can’t say that I have much positivity for them. My monster B man starts kindergarten this fall so we shall see. Nice of you to appreciate and recognize the good ones. Thanks for hosting #foodpornthursdays.

Modern dad

So true! They are a big part of our children’s lives too! When our children are at school they are basically raising them in a way too!


Touching Rod! I do not envy them tryin to teach a class full of 4-5 year olds. I have a party of 8 of them coming to my house Sunday and I am nervous as hell! Hope I can entertain them for 2 hours let alone the 6 that they manage. Thank you teachers you are an inspirational bunch! Thanks for linking with #snotallaboutyou


As a teacher who loves her job, it’s nice to feel appreciated by parents. A lot of my friends think I just work 9 – 3 and have 13 weeks holiday a year. Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are great, but I spend a lot of time marking and planning in the hols.

Modern dad

Teachers here at least spend a lot of time doing extra curricular activities that they are not paid for! It volunteer sports after school and such and yes your right you take work home with you to do in he evening often enough I am sure! Please pass it on to other teachers you may know we parents appreciate you all!


If it wasn’t for a couple of special teachers along the way – I would not be the person I am today. Teachers are special people and are never given enough credit. Well done MDP for saying thank you. Mel xx

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