Want to know how I got my kids to do chores?

I had been struggling recently with getting my kids to do their chores. I tried everything from being calm and asking (repeatedly) to get things done to trying to run chores like a boot camp and in the end we would all end up frustrated and irritated with each other. Of course the more time that went by me feeling exhausted and finding it easier to just get it done myself I found I was getting a bit sour doing most of them myself. So I started thinking about how I could turn things around?

I then remembered about an account I have followed for a very long time on Instagram called Homey app and off I went to research deeper in to their app as I had to do something? I downloaded it from iTunes and started to play around with it and found it might work! I set up my account and added the kids to it and started use the app.

What I love about Homey app is the simplicity. It’s easy to set up and easy to use once you wrap your head around it’s many features. You can set chores for your kids by taking a simple snapshot so it works for younger kids as well. Everyone gets notifications when their chores are due and when your children complete their chores they simply take a photo, so you know what got done. Every chore is worth a determined by you amount of coins and points. When your children complete enough chores they can claim one of the rewards set by you such as an allowance, screen time or anything else that you choose.

So if your looking for a way to get your children to do their chores I would highly recommend you download it and have a serious look at Homey app as I love it and it works for us. To get started download the app on Apple app store or Google play.


We’re adding a lot more allowance features now that are more suitable for older kids – like allowance transfers directly to the kids bank accounts. These features will teach kids the value of work and the value of money! Maybe there’s still time for your teen 😉

Tracey Abrahams

I wonder if I could get the Mr signed up with this app. Im sure I could use beer as a suitable reward for tasks properly completed. Does it has a DIY feature as well?


Hi Tracey, we know a lot of couples using our app as a sort of honeydo list, so it could work! 🙂 And we also encourage parents to join in on the app, so kids can see how much their parents do around the house. Not sure what you mean by DIY feature, but you can reach out to us to feedback@homeyapp.net – we love hearing about which features people would like to see!

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