Why a mothers love is different!

Over the holidays I read a comment on a post (I can’t for the life of me remember which one) about a mums love for her children. Anyways the comment was from a man and he went on a bit of a rant how “dads love their children just as much as mums”. I read the comment and it brought back other posts and articles I had read in the past about dads love every bit as strong as a mums.

So recently I had a bit of a stomach bug and I had stomach cramps and as I was having them I had thought to myself (I know this is going to sound strange) I can’t imagine going in to labour and how it would feel if these cramps are even close to what it feels like? Which led me to thinking about the comment above and then it  led me to really start thinking about why mums love differently than dads.

Dads cannot even begin to conceive what it’s like to be pregnant. Even when told what it’s like we will never know the feeling it is to grow a human inside of us. This alone is why dads will never have the same connection as a mum with their children.

I won’t get in to the details of a pregnancy as most dads will already know some or most of them (if you don’t click here)


Now before you start thinking that I am trying to minimize how much a dad loves his children you can stop right there. I know because I love my children and I know how much I love them, but it’s still not the same type of love a mum has for her children.

As dads we play a significant, but small role in conception till birth. For mums they immediately become mums. They start to care for and nurture the baby, their bodies change, their emotions change, everything changes for them as soon as they know they are pregnant. I honestly cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster that mums take especially with their first child.

How I see a mothers love being so different from a dads love is this! The baby is literally a mums mind, body and soul! From conception to birth a baby is made of everything a mum can give her child. A baby  feeds off of their mum giving life and all the necessary elements to sustain life. The baby is mums flesh and bone. The baby is made of everything mum!

A mum carries her baby inside of her every hour of everyday till birth and all these factors is why a mums love is different than a dads love. As dads we will never know or fully understand what it means to give our bodies in such an intimate way to our children. I think if we did we would have as deep of a connection to our children.

When I think of my relationship with my mum and dad, I know that my love is different and deeper with my mum than my dad (and trust me I love my dad, read here). It’s just a different much deeper love and there is nothing wrong with that!



This is very interesting, I think you’re right though there just isn’t that deep connection with a baby before birth and then afterward if the father doesn’t have as much skin to skin then they won’t get as much of a connection there either. But as you say, dads definitely love their children as well, but I do wonder if it’s just as unconditional as a mothers love?

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