Why I hate the word “Bitch”

I have never liked nor used the word “bitch” much! It’s one of those words that to me is derogatory and nasty especially coming from a man to a woman. When you search the definition of “bitch” this is what Oxford Dictionaries comes up with as it’s first entry “A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.” then if you search on Urban Dictionary these are their definitions.

(1) Word used to describe the act of whining excessively.
(2) Person who rides specifically in the middle of a front seating only car meant for 2 passengers or less.
(3) Modern-day servant; A person who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status.
(4) Term used to exclaim hardship.
(1) “Stop bitching Todd!”
(2) “Can I ride bitch?”
(3) “Bring my friend and I some vodka bitch”
(4) *Peron tells story to other cellmate, depicting how they came to be there, cellmate says* “Ain’t that a Bitch!”
As a child I remember the arguments my parents had and I never heard my dad call my mom a bitch and now that I have thought about it long and hard I never heard him resort to any name calling to try and end a disagreement or argument.
This word has always bothered me and in the past when I have used it, I have instantly regretted using it because of the meaning and typically the use of it is out of some form of upset or anger. I have never been one to resort to name calling to end a disagreement or argument as I would rather talk it out.
Recently I have found myself having to have a talk with my boys about using it in their vocabulary and when I asked them “if in the future your sister’s boyfriend or husband called her a bitch would you be upset?” their answer to me was “yes”. I then asked them “why would that upset you?” and their answer to me was “because she’s not one!”.
to sum this up I don’t like nor use the word “bitch” simply because no woman I know deserves to be called one. She is not a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter! She is not my servant! She is not whiny (well maybe, but we all are at times)! She simply deserves for me to never resort to calling her names for sure and if I wouldn’t call my mother a bitch I can’t go calling someones mom, daughter, cousin or friend one. It’s not my place to do so!


I never really thought about the word until I read your post. I have used it a few times but hopefully not directly to somebody. But then I am one of four girls. It is a horrible word!

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