Why I will always be a feminist!

I was raised by a woman who put a lot of blood sweat and tears in to raising me! More so than even my dad as he was gone to mining camps most of the time as I grew up. For the most part of my childhood I had just my mom to run to whenever I needed anything. When I think back now and my mom had five children she was raising the youngest being a baby and the eldest being just 18. I can’t imagine how she held it together herself for so many years other than pure love for us!

This is a woman who 45 months growing us all in her body, who spent a total of 35 years at home raising us till the last one of us was ready to move out and all the happiness and headaches raising so many children over so many years. Quite honestly when I think of it it seems unfathomable that she held it all together!

After we all left the house my mom wanted to go back to work and quite honestly after so many years of being at home the only jobs that she qualified for were cleaning jobs and they were all low paying back breaking jobs. I now wonder how that works because she spent 35 years running a household through good times and bad times, much like running any company out there! The only difference is she was running a family!

To me women are completely amazing! They go through so much more than a man in their life time! They have periods and all the ups and downs of them, menopause, pregnancy, hormonal changes that go with each of these! Yet everyday they wake up like any man and put their best face forward to whatever degree they can. Yet somehow some men see it as an attack on their manhood that women ask for the same rights as us!

So if having the same respect and wanting equality across the board for every single man woman and child on this planet is being a feminist or whatever other “ist” I need to be I will be it! Not on person is better than another, some are just more privileged is all!

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