What if women ruled world?

Lately I have had this question in the back of my mind “what if women ruled the world?” and this question stems from watching the goings on in the world. I can’t help but wonder if wars would rage as they have since the beginning of time? Would famine be as blatant as it is now? Would we still have countries? Would borders exist? and about 500 more questions that I still ask myself!

Now I am not talking about these lady politicians that we have now who have to be like the men in politics otherwise they would not get anywhere. I am trying to imagine how this world would be if from the beginning women ruled the world? Now to be honest every time I try to imagine what it would be like I only pose more questions to myself so I have brought this out for thoughts or discussion.

So not to direct my own thoughts I want to leave it here and see what discussion comes of this? I am truly interested in reading and responding to your thoughts on this ! Please leave your thoughts in the comment section and I will respond as quickly as I can.



Tracey Abrahams

As a serious answer now I have thought about it, Im not sure it would be all plain sailing. If you look at species of mammals that have female leaders (big cats, meerkats in particular) although on the surface they look like coooerative societies, there are very strict heriachies and the lead female rules by dominence and agression. Transfer that to humans and its not going to go down too well.


Interesting. I would like to think there would be less aggression but woman tend to create drama so things might be hyped out of proportion.


I often think women could get further… and the rule the world… if we weren’t so bitchy about each other.

It probably comes from being second-class to men, I think we use it as a defensive a lot against each other. Men don’t have to do it.

From working at management level with men and women I do think women can be better at getting things done, and getting them done properly. Plus I find who gets in the way a lot less working with women.

Rose Tinted Ramblings

It depends on individual personality, morality, accountability and humanity… look at Angela Merkel she seems to get it right, then there’s Theresa May (aka wicked witch of Westminster )… (some)women can be very catty in an all female environment. And (some) men can feel the ned to ‘display’ ( thinking SCROTUS Trump here). As a species we would solve problems best with a balanced mix containing both sexes

John Adams

It would be no better than a society run solely by men. You need opposites, contrast and differing opinions and ideas to make a society work. Of course women have been downtrodden for a long time but things are changing (for men too) and for the better. Look at any all female environment and it is as troubled as an all male environment.

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