I probably think it and drop it more than I should! Some days it seems to be my mantra! I am not sure how many of you reading will relate to this, but I am sure at least a few. It has definitely become a staple in my life and it seems to ease whatever I have going on. I use it when I’m happy, sad, frustrated, mad I use it all the time for any emotion. Over the last week I have thought about what makes me think “what the fuck?”.

  • I hear “daaaaad” a few to many times in one day, my thought “WTF now?”.
  • Driving down the road and two cars doing less than the speed limit driving side by side taking both lanes, my thought “WTF get out of the way!”.
  • Sitting there feeling a little down on myself, my thought “WTF snap out if!”
  • Teaching my kids to drive… Trust there are plenty of times I thought “WTF?” and just kept my mouth shut! lol
  • I see one of those really stupid memes… laugh out loud and think “WTF?”
  • I hear crying a few to many times in a day and instead of running I saunter over thinking “WTF now?”.


  • In the supermarket buying groceries and that one person that like to park their cart on one side of the aisle and stand right next to it looking for whatever on the other side taking up the whole isle, my thought “WTF seriously?”
  • Ask one of the kids to help put the dishes in the dishwasher (seriously it’s s dishwasher, I am not asking them to hand wash everything) and all I hear is moaning about it, my thought “WTF seriously? You haven’t been asked to do anything and now you moan about helping for 10 minutes?”.
  • Those moments when you need 5 minutes of peace and quiet to collect yourself as it’s been a shit day and that’s the exact moment when everyone starts talking to you, my thought “WTF seriously?” and is usually accompanied by a neck roll and I continue with the conversations.
  • Wake up in the morning and see that I have lost 10 followers on Instagram, my thought “WTF?” (that ones for the bloggers I know they feel my pain LOL).

That is just a few of the things that make me think “what the fuck?” I don’t want to give out the whole list because then what surprise would I have for you next? How do you use “WTF?”?

Getting My Dad On

I hear you loud and clear. Most often WTF gets used when the dog’s food some how gets thrown all over the house. Usualay there are little footprints in water from the dogs bowl to match.


Why ask for cereal if you’re just gonna throw it on the dog! WTF (Little Miss OMG)

Get into the car drive off the driveway.
“Can you turn on your hotspot Dad?”
“Couldn’t ask on the driveway?”
WTF (13 year old)

I’m like you Rod. If I had 10cents for every time I mutter WTF in my head each day. Id be buying Apple shares by the end of the year. 😀


I use the word “what the fuck” for things like watching my husband surf the internet all day when he can see that I’m struggling to clean the house( I have a lot of herniated discs in my back right now) and while he’s having a good ole time playing on the computer and he can see that i’m hurting, I have to look at him and think ” wtf”…. I don’t tolerate idiotic or bossy and controlling people either, they get one of my what the fuck looks too..


This has made me LMAO because it is so appropriate to parenting. But – the times I *think it the most is at work, teaching. I sometimes read what the pupils have written, or I see what they’ve done in their book, or I hear something they say to their mate and I just think ‘WTF?’ 🙂

Karen Bolton

Love this and I think WTF way too many times a day!! However it’s driving that definitely brings out the worst in me !!
Also, Rod just want to say love this blog. It’s really good to get a point of view from a male perspective. Just been reading some of your other posts. Some males ( in my experience) don’t really express their thoughts and feelings too well, think you do a great job of it.

Agent Spitback

Hahaha! I think as I age more gracefully, I have added more WTF moments to my collection. I have to say my most favourite WTF moments are laughing at Memes too and then realising, WTF is wrong with me?

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