About me

Prior to summer of 2007 I was always gainfully employed outside of the home and much like a lot of men when I arrived back home after a long day of work I just wanted to eat dinner and relax. I still helped with some of the chores like cleaning up after dinner, but honestly very little else.

In July of 2007 I took the leap in to self employment and started working from home. I remember thinking how great this will be, I get to work from home and have the easy life as I thought my wife had it. I soon came to realize that a life of a stay at home parent is anything but easy. I never realized how much work went in to maintaining a house with kids in it. Instead of an easy 8-10 hour day I was thrown in to non stop days of working, cleaning, running errands, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, refereeing kids, running the kids to their activities, back and forth to school and you never truly rest through the day. It’s hard to even sit and enjoy an evening of TV as there’s always something to catch up on.

I now blog about my experiences as a stay at home to share with all parents. I hope you enjoy Modern Dad Pages.